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My son 6yr has 18p-22q11.2 and as a result of these two conditions has hypotonia and hypermobility and uses a fist grip rather than a pincer resulting in his ability to write being limited to around 10-15 words in an hour. he is now starting to suffer and fall so far behind in school. He also has hearing loss and is fitted with transmitters in school.

1 Answer
Shared by Speech on Sep 25, 2014 in Education & Development, Special Education

Home life is very poor. Mother is very yound and not engaged. He is attending a developmentally disabled 3 year old prek program 4 days a week. He does have some language and will spontaneously speak in short sentences. We need to teach him concepts such as left/right, up/down, front/back etc.

2 Answers
Shared by Bunnydog on Sep 02, 2014 in Special Education

Hi Moms and Dads,

1 Answer
Shared by IshMom on Nov 15, 2013 in Education & Development, Special Education

My son is blind due to a combination of LCA and CVI (he has a metabolic disorder, which was misdiagnosed as infant leading to a stroke at 4mo), because of this stroke we knew as he got older learning disabilities would probably manifest.

1 Answer

My son is 31 and has multiple disabilities including cortical blindness. He can see colors and shapes but needs voice overs for directions. I mistakenly got him an android tablet last Christmas and none of the apps were accessible for him except for the stories read aloud.He loves to interact verbally with others, etc.

2 Answers