Any tips or advice for moving to a new state for a school for the blind?

My family is planning on moving to a new state so my blind son can go to a school for the blind. We will also be around a better support system of family and friends, plus husband's war buddies. Better for his PTSD recovery! Just looking for advice, never made a move this big with children

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Posted by Amber Bobnar on Jul 28, 2016 - 9:12pm

When we moved to Massachusetts for Ivan to be near Perkins School for the Blind it was kind of a leap of faith for us. I do think one thing that helped a lot was that we connected with social workers before we moved to the state so that we already had a relationship with people in the system who could help us when we arrived. We did program intakes over the phone, set up in-person meetings in advance and by the time we got to our new home we were able to get Ivan into an Early Intervention program with therapies all set up within the week.

Another tough thing for us was moving into a new home with no furniture. Ivan is definitely a kid who prefers comfort and sleeping on the floor wasn't an option while we waited for his crib to be delivered! We had to make sure to have all the best travel gear that we could live out of for a week or so before our furniture caught up with us.

Posted by Amber Bobnar on Jul 28, 2016 - 9:14pm

Here's some advice from our Facebook page:

"To ease first night jitters, maybe DON'T wash your son's bed linens, pillow, and blanket before packing them. That way his new room stills smells familiar. Also, contact the new school and ask them to give your contact info to the families of his classmates. Ask that they contact you. This will let you arrange some play dates before school starts. If there is a summer program, ask if you both can visit and meet and service providers that might be there during the school year. Walk the halls; learn routes to cafeteria, music, PE, etc. Play on the playground equipment. Ask current service providers to write letters to their counterparts. I always did this as a physical therapy provider. I included much more 'kid stuff' than therapy goals (those are in the IEP) so the new therapist knew favorite games, songs; what worked, what didn't. I would give the (open) letter to parents to pass along. Good luck on your move!"