I would like to know if anyone has seen this behaviour with their blind autistic child. He wants to put his hands inside his clothes.

He is displaying a new behavior. He is now wanting his hands inside his clothes so I have to constantly ask him to take his hands out. Once his hands are out he appears panicky and seeks my hands to hold. I'm at my witts end.

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Posted by Amber Bobnar on Aug 20, 2012 - 1:31pm

Some responses from our Facebook page (see all the comments and respond to them here):

"try gloves. they have none winter gloves(thick), or even baseball, or golf gloves, or try having someone make him hand warmers, or covers some of teh hand, and maybe down to part of the arm."

"I would try maybe some gloves with the fingers cut off. Blind kids usually hate gloves, but the fingers removed might work. Might need to try different kinds/textures, loose vs. snug, etc. Also try mittens. Are you sure he is not stimming in some other way while his hands are in his clothes? Find other things to keep his hands busy? ...Had another thought, since the weather is cooling my hands feel a bit cold today but I just block it out. Make sure he is warm enough otherwise. Keeping the trunk warm will ensure adequate blood circulation to the extremities for warmth. Does he feel better if you put a hoodie on him? If he is very young, try putting on a one-piece outfit, backwards if necessary, to make it impossible for him to insert his hands in a waistband. If he just wants to pull his hands inside his sleeves, I would think that might be a good compromise. Might need to show him how to do that. Just brainstorming. This sounds like a challenging behavior."

"My son is goin to be 5 and is completly blind and has autistic characteristics. He did this for a while also. Instead of sayin not to do it. Try sayin it positive.. I told my son "Nathan.. What ya doing with ur hands? Mama likes having her hands out so I can feel stuff." Then show them your hands are not covered. Then I would say something like.. "Ooo mama loves feeling your soft skin.. Your soo soft Nathan" They do it because of their sensory issues. They are uneasy with certain textures so they rather keep their hands "safe." Just redirect them. The the bigger the deal u make it.. The bigger the problem it can be. Hopefully its just a new "tick" that doesnt last long. Nathans lasted about 2 months. He has many different blindisims. Message me if you would like to chat. And hang in there.. Gets tough but we can only learn and do our best to teach them everything we can :)"