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Do you remember the old American Printing House for the Blind (APH) shopping database? It was confusing, hard to search, and even harder to link to. It was difficult to find what you were looking for or share what you had found with friends or therapists.

APH has finally updated their shopping database! Check out their new shopping page and have fun searching through all their neat books and products. And don't forget to talk to your TVI about quota funds!

Click here to browse the new APH shop.

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Two hands "read" Kim's tactile music system.
3 weeks ago
A revolutionary 3-D printing system makes music easier to read for blind musicians. Invented by a blind South Korean musician as part of her doctoral dissertation, it makes music accessible to musicians at all levels.
The Heart of Applebutter Hill
1 month ago
Donna W. Hill's new book, The Heart of Applebutter Hill, follows Abigail and her best friends Curly Connor and Baggy Britchez. Abigail is a smart, talented girl in a mainstream school... who just happens to be visually impaired. And Curly Conner? That's her guide dog!
SMART Brailler on sale for 20% off!
1 month ago
For a limited time, Perkins Products is offering the SMART Brailler at 20% off and the LightAide at 10% off! PLUS find tips on how to raise the money you need to purchase these amazing learning tools!
A chalkboard menu
3 months ago
Disney World and Disneyland are both offering braille menus at select park restaurants while CVS Online Pharmacy is now offering talking prescription labels for visually impaired customers. Yay for accessibility!

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