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Do you remember the old American Printing House for the Blind (APH) shopping database? It was confusing, hard to search, and even harder to link to. It was difficult to find what you were looking for or share what you had found with friends or therapists.

APH has finally updated their shopping database! Check out their new shopping page and have fun searching through all their neat books and products. And don't forget to talk to your TVI about quota funds!

Click here to browse the new APH shop.

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Marty the SMART Brailler
6 days ago
Marty the SMART Brailler is ready to go on a new adventure! Will you be one of the lucky families to host Marty and be eligible to win your own free SMART Brailler? We'll begin accepting applications in September 2014.
SMART brailler
1 week ago
Perkins SMART Braillers are now available at American Printing House using quota funds. These funds make educational tools for those who are blind accessible.
help and support
3 weeks ago
Bookshare, the free program that offers printed material in an accessible format to those who are unable to easily access printed material, is offering a free parent forum, allowing parents to connect and share ideas about Bookshare.
Two hands "read" Kim's tactile music system.
1 month ago
A revolutionary 3-D printing system makes music easier to read for blind musicians. Invented by a blind South Korean musician as part of her doctoral dissertation, it makes music accessible to musicians at all levels.

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