My oldest starts preschool this fall and I'm a class helper. I'm sure his classmates will be curious and ask questions about little brother, I just want to make sure I put it in terms that they can understand. Ages are 3-5

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My daughter was given the Bayley scale test and her vision impairment was not taken into account. Is there a test for visually impaired children that tests fine, gross, and cognitive abilities much like the Bayley scale for normal sighted children?

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What it looks like to use Smart Specs

Scientists at the University of Oxford and a start-up company known as VA-ST have developed a pair of glasses called 'Smart Specs' for people with visual impairments. The glasses work to emphasize details of images in real time, allowing many people with low vision to see the necessary aspects of information in a scene in order for the brain to more fully comprehend what is in view.

Stephen Hicks, a neuroscientist on the Oxford team and co-founder of VA-ST, explains that the brain really only needs a few pieces of an image, then fills in the rest to complete the picture.

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