I am going on a field trip to a zoo with a blind kindergartner.... Looking to make it a wonderful experience

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My son is 4 Years old and is still not mainstreamed in general education preschool classroom. He has never had this issue until he was involved in the school district. The school says they will mainstream him when he is ready, But I feel that is a vague term, Define ready. Is ready when you say or when he is. Anyway, when I went to view the classroom I saw that that he did not have access to everything in the classroom which prolongs the definition of "ready". Can someone help me by sharing how you made the classroom accessible either for your student or for your child?

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Baby in O-Rings

A few years ago Maeve Jopson asked a question in the WonderBaby Q&A forum about designing a new toy specifically for visually impaired kids. She wanted to know what parents are looking for in toys for their visually impaired kids. Fast forward to today and Maeve and her business partner Cynthia have a toy ready for production!


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I am a speech therapist and I work in a hospital pediatric out patient facility with a new client on my caseload. The child is extremely visually impaired and parents greatest concern is his extremely limited ability to socialize during one on one and in large group situations. Any resources that you could suggest will be appreciated.

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