SENSEsational Alphabet Touch & Feel Picture Cards

Shared by Amber Bobnar on Apr 04, 2012 in Braille and Literacy
SENSEsational Alphabet Touch & Feel Picture Cards
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These unique cards make the alphabet accessible to ALL children, especially those with sensory disabilities. Each of the 26 ABC cards is tactile and includes a word in both Sign Language and Braille, many also have a Scratch n' Sniff feature!

The pack comes with two bonus cards with the complete American Manual Alphabet and the Braille Alphabet. The full color cards measure 7 x 4.

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Posted by Patty, TVI Cali... on Apr 06, 2012 - 1:02pm

Our school program bought the original SENSEsational Aplhabet book with the braille and sound buttons.
I adapted the pictures on each page by drawing around the outline and key features with white glue.
The glue dries clear so it doesn't distort the original illustration for readers with low vision.
It took awhile to let the glue dry for all of the pages.
Now students are being exposed to the concept of "tactile graphics" and representational objects.
They can compare a real apple with the flat tactile one in the book.
Of course one could customize the book in many ways using a variety of fabric or paper etc..
Thank you for posting the flashcards, I'm going to buy and adapt them too.