Fostering Positivity and Confidence in Your Blind Child

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I didn’t realise that blind people weren’t supposed to do things for a very long time.

I grew up playing football, fighting my sister and reading all the books I could get my hands on. My childhood, although not perfect, was painfully ordinary in many ways. My blindness was never viewed by my parents as a tragedy, or something to worry about, it was simply another part of who I was.

As far as I knew, blind adults went to university, got jobs and raised families. I had no idea that society didn’t have those kinds of expectations of us. My parents had always held me accountable for my behaviour, expecting me to achieve the same things as my sister. Our strengths lay in very different areas, but were equally celebrated. It was only when I began to meet other blind people that I discovered they’d had vastly different upbringings. I had freedom they couldn’t even imagine, simply because my parents had expected me to achieve. [Read More]

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