Giving them little paws some much needed sensory feedback!

Scarlett banging

Scarlett is a BANGER, not a tapper, patter or a knocker she uses the palm of her hand and a massive amount of brute force to bang all that her little exploratory mitts come into contact with.

I am going to be honest… this relentless obsession with Scarlett’s banging has been pretty much the bain of my existence. I tried everything to make it stop, it kept me up all night, it has got her in trouble when she has been out and about in public and bless my poor neighbour’s heart, he cheered with joy when Scarlett’s metal bed frame was removed and replaced with an ‘un-bang-able’ divan.

The constant drumming on everything and anything really took a toll on me mentally, I know it might sound a little dramatic but Scarlett really really bangs hard. She can keep it up for hours too and it became like a jack hammer in my head. When I would hear her wake up in her room I knew it was coming, there was nothing to do to stop it. I felt so helpless. I even attended a 12 week parenting course to see if there was anything they could suggest to help me get her to stop. But there wasn’t much luck there either.

It wasn’t until I read the Out Of Sync Child book by Carol Stock Kranowitz that I finally felt I had found some answers. It was like for the first time in 4 years I knew why she was doing it and could finally see a way out of it.