h-a-t-c-h brings your ideas for your special needs child to life!

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Hatch is a website where little ideas can make a big difference to kids with special needs. Built by disability manufacturers, Leckey and Firefly, the site gives everybody a space to talk, discuss and create. It is open to ideas and inventions from anyone, anywhere who wants to help children with special needs.

On this site you can either submit an idea for a product you'd like to see created for kids with special needs or you can browse through the many ideas already submitted by others. As a browser, you can also vote for the product ideas you like best or comment on them, adding your own feedback and asking questions.

Ideas remain on the site for 90 days while people vote or comment. After the voting process, the site's moderators will review and analyze the ideas and decide whether or not to move on to design and production. This is a real idea space where your visions really can become a reality!

Some of my favorites so far:

  • Portable toilet seat for big kids
  • Portable changing table for big kids
  • Nibbleflex: A glove with fingers for older children who have a tendency to chew hands and fingers
  • Organic High Calorie Food Purees
  • A height-adjustable bouncer for big kids