Huple™ Fun Saucer

three children sit in Huple Saucers in the pool

The Huple™ Fun Saucer is an indoor/outdoor pediatric tool for coordination, balance, and vestibular therapy for children. Kids will love playing with the Huple Saucer at home and school.

Children who benefit from self stimulation through rocking and swaying love the Huple™ Fun Saucer. The tough outer shell is easy to grip and is made of quality material to last. The Huple has five 'handles' around the edge of the saucer so the child can hold on or keep the Huple saucer stable. It can be used in a variety of settings for play and therapy. It can even be used in the pool making it a great tool to enhance aquatic therapy.

*Huple™ Fun Saucer is not a life saving flotation device.