The Improvise Approach + ThumbJam App for kids with complex needs

the Improvise Approach logo with musical note

The Improvise Approach is an exciting way of providing creative music-making opportunities for people with special needs. All you need is the book and iPad with the ThumbJam app and 10 specially composed backing tracks (included in the book) installed! It's great for all parents, therapists and caregivers because no music knowledge is needed.

Students can choose to play on their own or “jam” together in a group setting. Using the special tracks, everyone will always be in tune!

Any touch on the iPad is all that's needed to join in and make musical sounds, making it really motivating for people with restricted movement as their success in playing encourages them to move independently. Students with moderate, severe learning difficulties and autistic spectrum condition also enjoy the additional feature of using selected percussion instruments.

From the website, "The Improvise Approach is simple to use and appeals to a wide age and ability range. It has been trialled for over 5 years in diverse special needs settings with great success."

Learn more about using The Improvise Approach in your home or school today! The Improvise Approach iBook is available for download via any Apple iDevice or Mac. The ThumbJam App can be download from the iTunes App Store on any Apple iDevice including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS7 or later.

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