The Benefits of Music Therapy

Scarlett playing on a drum

Many children with a visual impairment have a special connection with music, my daughter Scarlett is not an exception. From a very early age she has had the ability to clap out the beat of a song perfectly and has sung along with nursery rhymes regardless of not being able to talk. I, as a parent, really want to nurture Scarlett's natural gift, which is continuing to grow and develop more and more everyday.

We have recently been looking into Music Therapy as a way to help Scarlett progress musically and have been visited by a specialist in the field from UK based charity the RNIB. Here is an account of the visit and the informal notes made about Scarlett and what actions can be taken to further progress this love of music. If you feel your child would enjoy or benefit from this type of therapy please do have a read.

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