My Mistakes Have Made Me: How Learning from Failure Can Help Your Blind Child Grow

broken cup

One of the most valuable things I gained from studying for two years at a specialist school for the blind was the freedom to make mistakes. I would never say that my parents have been suffocating or wrapped me up in cotton-wool, but natural parental instincts are always going to come into play when your blind child is handling sharp objects or very hot things. Maybe that’s why I never quite felt comfortable doing those things at home. I always thought that if anything went wrong, my parent’s reaction was guaranteed to be much more dramatic than mine.

It’s a tricky one to manage because when you have limited vision a lot of the time you’re venturing into the unknown. You’re not going to see the steam rising from the kettle, so you’re not going to know if it’s hot until you touch it and learn to approach it by the handle next time. On the other hand, you don’t want to be so terrified of touching something just in case it’s hot that you never try. [Read More]

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