The NY Times Article Proving Classroom Inclusion Works

cartoon kids playing together

Parents of kids with special needs around the world are rejoicing after reading this article published in The New York Times Family Section.

"When the Barriers Aren't Just Physical" was written by a mother of a boy who had been in and out of the hospital, missing many days of school which he attended far from their home, lost his ability to walk and talk before age 3, and now uses a wheelchair.

Her story about advocating for his access to education and inclusion in the community is probably a lot like yours. After trying out a number of schools, she finally found the one that not only works for them, but is truly an inspiring model for schools everywhere.

Read Sandra's experience with special education and community in her well-written article in The New York Times, "When the Barriers Aren't Just Physical". Be sure to come back and share your reaction to the article in the comments below!

Image by Giselle Potter, NY Times