SafeSpaces: Safe Rooms and Safe Beds for Kids with Special Needs

Blue vinyl safe space looks like a mini room

Sometimes all you need is a safe place for your child, a room where they can hit the walls or roll around on the floor and not worry about getting hurt. This UK-based company creates just that: safe rooms and safe beds custom made to the dimensions you need.

The materials are lightweight and durable and easy to clean. The walls flex out so your child can push on them or bounce against them and they’ll give. Their products include custom-made safe rooms that fit within the room you already have, lining up with windows and doors so plenty of light gets inside and ensuring the person inside has access to things outside the space. They also sell safe beds, smaller spaces designed specifically for sleeping. And they have a travel version that’s lightweight and easy to transport.

There are a number of videos on the site describing the relief parents and caregivers feel at having somewhere safe to put their special needs child. And they demonstrate how people use them and how the kids themselves react to them.

It’s not clear how much it costs to have one made, but check it out here. It could be the sleep solution you’re looking for.

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