Snug Vest for Sensory Integration

Pumping up snug vest

Who doesn’t want a hug?? Well, for kids with sensory issues, anxiety or stress-related disorders, a hug might be as necessary as air or water, but there’s not always someone right there to dole one out.

The Snug Vest by Squeezeease does just that: it’s a vest that applies pressure in just the right places, so the wearer feels calmed by it. This inflatable vest is very versatile: it can be adjusted by size, length and amount of pressure, so it can grow with your child, or be used in a school environment for multiple children.

Even better, it can be discreet: it looks like a regular vest, and an older child can inflate it themselves when they feel the need for calming.

At $359, it’s not cheap, but for the right child it would be very much worth it. Check out more information here.

Topics: Behavior