Taking a Blind Child to a Music Festival and Making It Fun and Accessible!

Picture of family at music festival

We kicked off our summer holidays being ambitious by attempting to attend a mainstream medium sized festival. Kendal Calling, based in the Lake District is a family orientated music festival that has been running for 11 years. Aimed in particular at families and only being an hour and forty five minute drive from Manchester I thought this would be the perfect one to test the water with.

Now Scarlett has been attending small local festivals her entire life, I took her to her first one at only just 7 weeks old, even before we knew she was blind. She loved it, and was ever so calm throughout the entire thing and has been a hippified festival lover ever since. Her love of music and the outdoors and perfectly combined in a festival. I too am a lover of all things festival and it is great that I have a daughter who is so down with doing something so cool! [Read More]

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