VI Able Solutions: Ideas for People who are Blind

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VI Able Solutions is a well-written blog by a woman who has been blind since birth. As the title implies, the blog is "all about solutions" with each post defining the context, a problem, and a solution for whatever the case may be in living life as a person with a visual impairment, including solutions for many with and without disabilities.

For parents of children with visual impairments, she writes "I want to show you how life with a visual impairment is about finding ways forward and seeking solutions." The writer obviously has some experience in this area and as she describes in her "Welcome" article, she loved childhood and her time at the boarding school for the visually impaired, as well as studying abroad in Germany.

She now lives in England with her guide dog and boyfriend. VI Able Solutions is an enlightening and encouraging blog everyone should read!

The author also accepts Guest Posts if any parents are interested in sharing a similar story, problem and solution! You can also follow the blog on Facebook here: