Where I Think You Can Stick Your Pity! Thoughts from a Mom of a Visually Impaired Child

Scarlett on a slide

Pity… Now this is a particularly important theme that runs through parents of children who are visually impaired lives, being offered unwanted pity.

This subject has been discussed many a time on a variety of websites so I thought it was about time that I shared my viewpoint on this matter. Now this piece by in no way shape or form is being published as an attack on people who feel bad for myself or my daughter due to the hand in which we have been dealt in life. I always try to adopt a positive way of thinking and I hope that my thoughts affect the words that I write and the actions that I take, but I think it is important that it is written as a way to raise awareness for this completely redundant flow of pity that seems to stream my way. [Read More]

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