Yogibo and Sensory Integration

A girl sits in a red Yogibo chair

Yogibo is the manufacturer of several sensory products (much like bean bag chairs) for the home, school, and therapy center! The unique designs, materials and bright colors make them very comfortable for kids and adults. Here are a few key excerpts from their website about using their products for sensory integration therapy:

"Yogibo provides exceptional sensory input promoting body awareness and helping to organize the brain for focus and attention."

"Excellent compression tool and can provide deep pressure input!"

"Comfortable and attractive for home, school, and therapy centers. They're less intrusive and expensive than a lot of other OT equipment."

Yogibo offers a variety of products and colors, including aromatherapy scented products.

They also offer coupons and discounts year-round so it makes your purchase a little lighter on the bank account! https://www.yogibo.com/yogibo-coupons/