Autumn Wreath Art Project

Fall is a great time to explore your yard or playground. The trees are dropping all kinds of neat things on the ground for your kids to pick up, touch, and learn about.

The best part about this autumn wreath project is that you get to take all the things you find outside (like leaves and pine cones) and turn them into art!

autumn wreath

What You’ll Need:

  • a paper plate
  • hole punch
  • collected leaves, acorns, pine cones, etc
  • glue
  • yarn

Project Prep

  1. Autumn Wreath Art ProjectBefore you begin this project with your child, punch a hole into the top of your paper plate. You can also string yarn through the hole to create a loop ahead of time or have your child help with that step.
  2. Go outside and collect as many leaves and acorns and pine cones and you can carry. Talk about the trees and the season. Why do the trees lose their leaves in the fall? Which trees keep their leaves? Are there any critters around who like to eat those acorns?
  3. Bring your collection inside and glue them to your plate. Once the glue is dry you have a lovely wreath to hang on your front door!

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