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SAMi-3 seizure monitor kit.

Giveaways, Product Reviews, Special Needs

SAMi-3 Seizure Monitor Review (& Giveaway!)

The fully customizable SAMi-3 seizure monitor can alert you when your child has a seizure while also minimizing the number of false alarms you receive.

Baby reaching for sensory toys.

Visual Impairment

Developing Multisensory Skills in Blind Babies

Multisensory play, combining sounds and touch, and encouraging reaching and exploration can help your blind baby develop better spacial awareness.

Smiling child psychologist and kid with dyslexia playing with building blocks.

Autism, Development, Special Needs

Understanding Cognitive Developmental Delay in Children

Cognitive developmental delays occur when a child’s thinking and reasoning are significantly below the expected average. Learn the signs and best ways to help.

little girl sleeping in bed

Sleep, Special Needs

Top 10 Special Needs Beds (and How to Pay for Them)

We list the top special needs beds and their features so you can find the bed that best meets your requirements.

Ivan getting an EEG at the hospital.

Health & Nutrition

10 Things you feel when you’re considering brain surgery for your child

If you are looking at the possibility of brain surgery for your child with epilepsy, what thoughts and concerns have plagued you?

Ivan getting an EEG

Health & Nutrition

What is an EEG Really Like?

If your child's neurologist has ordered an EEG you may be wondering what the test will be like and whether or not it will be painful or traumatic for your...

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White coating on tongue baby. Oral thrush.


Thrush vs Milk Tongue: How to Tell the Difference

White residue or white patches in your baby’s mouth are common and not dangerous. The white you see may be from milk tongue or thrush. Find out how to tell...

Pregnant woman holding gift at baby shower party


15 Amazing Baby Shower Game Prizes to Surprise & Delight

Baby shower game prizes add an element of fun and liven up any shower. These prizes are sure to delight all your guests!

Sleepy toddler child crying in a bed after waking up or before going to sleep


A 2-Year-Old Sleep Regression Guide for Tired Toddlers

The 2-year-old sleep regression causes disruptions to otherwise solid sleep patterns because of teething, developmental milestones, separation anxiety, and significant life changes.

The toddler girl is sick and lies in bed and coughs.

Health & Nutrition

Help! Why Is My Toddler Coughing at Night?

Viruses, smoke, or asthma can cause nighttime coughing. You can help your toddler by using a cool mist humidifier or giving them the correct medications.

Baby highchair with mat in the room

Product Reviews

7 Best High Chair Mats of 2023

Don’t waste your valuable time cleaning up messes that could easily be prevented. Check out the best high chair mats and make mealtime a breeze.

Cute little baby lying on mother's lap and cooing.


The 5 Stages of Language Development in Children

Children go through five stages of language development starting at birth. Babies practice with simple sounds, which will quickly turn into their first words.

A cat next to a crib under a plaid.


How to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Baby’s Crib & Bassinet

Cats love warm and cozy places like your baby’s bassinet. Using a cat cover for your bassinet and these tips will keep your baby safe.

The mother is breastfeeding the baby but milk is not coming out.


Slacker Boob? When One Breast Isn’t Producing Enough Milk

Is one breast producing less milk than the other? If you’re feeling a little uneven, there are many ways to fix a slacker boob and encourage your milk supply.

Lovely 2 years boy sorts details by color


25 Cognitive Activities for Toddlers to Boost Development

Are you overwhelmed by all the cognitive milestones your toddler needs to reach? Check out this list of fun activities to boost your toddler’s development!