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Speech-language pathologist working on child's pronunciation problems.

Special Needs

Your Child’s First SLP Evaluation: What to Expect

Speech-language pathologists will conduct an initial evaluation to determine how a child is using language, understanding language, and interacting with others.

Baby reaching for sensory toys.

Visual Impairment

Developing Multisensory Skills in Blind Babies

Multisensory play, combining sounds and touch, and encouraging reaching and exploration can help your blind baby develop better spacial awareness.

A visually impaired baby boy in PT reaches for a toy.

Development, Visual Impairment

Development Charts for Blind and Visually Impaired Babies and Children

Blind children may have delayed development in several key areas. These development charts outline milestones for visually impaired babies.

Young boy looking at a light up toy in a dark room.

Toys, Visual Impairment

10 Cortical Visual Impairment Toys for Kids With CVI

It's important to choose toys that are relatively simple in design, as complex patterns can be overwhelming for children with CVI.

Smiling child psychologist and kid with dyslexia playing with building blocks.

Autism, Development, Special Needs

Understanding Cognitive Developmental Delay in Children

Cognitive developmental delays occur when a child’s thinking and reasoning are significantly below the expected average. Learn the signs and best ways to help.

little girl sleeping in bed

Sleep, Special Needs

Top 10 Special Needs Beds (and How to Pay for Them)

We list the top special needs beds and their features so you can find the bed that best meets your requirements.

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face of baby infant in emotion sign on mother hand.


Newborn Hunger Cues: Knowing When Your Baby Wants To Eat

Newborns may not be able to talk, but they have other ways to communicate. Look out for newborn hunger cues so you know when to feed your newborn baby.

A girl with EEG leads on her head.

Special Needs

5 Coping Strategies for Parents of Kids With Epilepsy

Coping with childhood epilepsy can be stressful, but focusing on strategies to support you and your family can positively impact your child’s well-being.

mother sitting with baby on bench near stroller in park.

Product Reviews

5 Best Luxury Strollers of 2023

Tired of traditional strollers? Pick a luxury one instead! Premium baby strollers ensure comfort and convenience. See the best designer strollers here!

Little baby drinking from spout cup sitting in highchair at home.

Health & Nutrition

Transitioning From Formula to Milk: When, Why, and How

You can start weaning your baby from formula to whole cow’s milk when they’re about twelve months old. Find out how to transition from formula to milk here.

Happy young mom walks in the park in the summer with a stroller for twins, smiling.

Product Reviews

The 5 Best Double Strollers for Travel of 2023

Traveling with kids can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Make your travels with multiple little ones a breeze with the best double strollers for travel.

otolaryngologist checking babys ear with otoscope.

Health & Nutrition, Special Needs

How Do Doctors Test a Baby’s Hearing?

A newborn hearing test is an important screening test to evaluate for hearing loss. An early diagnosis can help prevent further hearing loss.

Newborn baby child swaddled in fabric sleeping and holding teddy bear toy.

Product Reviews

The 5 Best Baby Swaddles of 2023

Shopping for the best baby swaddles to help your little one sleep through the night? These swaddles are parent favorites that are sure to perform!

Caucasian mother and father walking with baby daughter in stroller.

Product Reviews

7 Best Strollers for Tall Parents of 2023

Looking for the best strollers to save you from hunching and to give your back a break? If you're a tall parent, keep reading to find the best stroller for...

Mother breastfeeding her newborn baby in a white bed.


Can Breast Milk Come Back After Drying Up?

Getting breast milk to come back after drying up is possible for up to 4 weeks. Relactation takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to make it happen.