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Female friends open gift boxes with a pregnant woman at a baby shower.


9 Amazing Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Whether you’re looking for something cute, quirky, or simple, we’ve got plenty of fantastic baby shower themes for boys for inspiration.

Preparing for baby birth.


7 Things to Do Before Your Baby Arrives

The third trimester is a busy time of preparing for birth and bringing your baby home. There are many arrangements and decisions to make before your baby arrives.

Pregnant woman suffering belly ache and husband comforting her seated on a sofa at home.


Watery Discharge During Pregnancy: Should You Worry?

Watery vaginal discharge can be a normal finding throughout pregnancy. Contact your healthcare provider if you have concerns regarding abnormal watery discharge.

Pregnant woman packing bag for maternity hospital, making notes, checking list in diary.


The Third Trimester Checklist: Preparing for Your Baby

Is your due date coming up? This third trimester checklist will help you to prepare your home for your new baby, pack your hospital bag, and make a birth plan.

Pregnancy pain leg woman.


How Long Does Postpartum Swelling Last?

Postpartum edema can last one to two weeks during postpartum recovery. There are many ways to reduce postpartum swelling.

Woman giving gift to pregnant friend on baby shower party.


11 Amazing Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Looking for unique baby shower themes for girls? These adorable ideas will leave your guests in awe.

Young woman suffering from postnatal depression at home.


22 Postpartum Essentials to Optimize Your Recovery

Having all of your postpartum items ready before baby arrives will make life easier after delivery. Start planning now with this postpartum essentials checklist.

Pregnant woman holding gift at baby shower party


15 Amazing Baby Shower Game Prizes to Surprise & Delight

Baby shower game prizes add an element of fun and liven up any shower. These prizes are sure to delight all your guests!

Pregnant woman and doctor in office.


Do You Need to Check Your Cervix During Pregnancy?

While not required, a cervix check can provide you and your doctor with valuable information in the final weeks of pregnancy as the birth of your baby nears.

Epidural anesthesia injections.


When’s the Best Time to Get an Epidural During Labor?

Getting an epidural is safe and effective for managing pain during active labor. Find out the best time for you to get an epidural during labor.

Pregnant woman feel the sticky mucus plug come out on her underwear.


How to Speed Up Labor After Losing Your Mucus Plug

Losing your mucus plug can be an early sign of labor. You should see your healthcare provider if you lose your mucus plug before 37 weeks.

Attractive female nurse checking on the health of a woman and her newborn baby at the hospital.


What Does the Hospital Provide After Birth?

Hospitals often provide items to take home after giving birth. Find out what the hospital may provide after birth for you and your baby.

Close up of pregnant woman pushing and screaming.


Dealing With the “Ring of Fire” During Birth

Breathing techniques, position, and massage can all help you deal with the “ring of fire” during birth.

Happy Woman With Pregnancy Test.


How Long After Implantation Do hCG Levels Rise?

HCG is the primary hormone in the successful growth of a fertilized egg. Find out what the levels of hCG mean and how that relates to a healthy pregnancy.

Beautiful pregnant woman with a bowl of fruit.


15 Healthy Snacks to Have in Your Hospital Bag for Labor & Recovery

Packing your hospital bag and wondering what food to bring? We’ve got the ultimate list of snacks for your hospital bag.

Foot swelling And excessive weight And massage therapy Fatigue in pregnant women and doctor on bed.


Postpartum Foot Pain: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Postpartum foot pain is caused by inflammation at the bottom of your foot. Wear supportive shoes and massage your feet to improve your symptoms.

Mother with her newborn baby sleeping in bed after c-section.


How to Sleep After a C-Section

Sleep after a C-section is important for recovery. Finding a good position, the right temperature, and medications can help you with sleep after surgery.

Asian mother woman use section postpartum scar measuring waist stretch mark loose lower abdomen skin she fat after pregnancy baby birth.


How to Tighten Loose Skin After Having a Baby

Loose belly skin after having a baby can be distressing. We have helpful hints to prevent saggy skin and tone your tummy.

Closeup of woman belly with scar from cesarean section with a medical bandage.


C-Section Scar Pain: What to Do When It Keeps Hurting

C-section incision pain is common right after delivery. Pain that lasts for months or years after your C-section should be addressed by a doctor.

Portrait of hispanic pregnant woman walking in a curb at sunset.


Curb Walking to Induce Labor: Does It Work?

Curb walking can help open up your pelvis and bring your baby down into position for delivery. It’s one of the best ways to induce labor naturally.

Young beautiful pregnant girl drinking tea in her home during daytime.


Midwives Brew: Does It Really Work to Induce Labor?

Midwives brew is a drink made with castor oil that can help jumpstart labor. It should only be used after discussion and approval of your physician.

Doctor examining pregnant woman in clinic.


Creating Your C-Section Birth Plan

A C-section birth plan is a great tool for both planned and unexpected cesarean sections. Having a plan relieves stress and gets your needs met during delivery.

Woman grabbing the loose skin on stomach after giving birth by caserean section.


The C-Section Shelf: Does It Ever Go Away?

A C-section shelf is excess skin and fat that hangs over a C-section scar. You can make it smaller with diet and exercise or eliminate it with a tummy tuck.

Woman pointing to C section scar.


C-Section Scar Healing Stages and Care

A C-section is a major surgery that will leave a scar. You can minimize scarring by caring for your incision in the first weeks after delivery.