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Smiling schoolgirl and teacher using digital tablet in classroom at school.


5 Sample Self-Advocacy IEP Goals

Understanding the steps towards growing self-advocacy at school is an important part of building independence and self-efficacy for students.

Preschool student boy with autism wearing headphones.


8 Sample Behavior IEP Goals

Find out how specific, measurable, and attainable behavior IEP goals help your child learn coping strategies and problem-solving skills, leading to more progress.

Elementary teacher and her students using laptop during computer class at school.

IEPs, Special Needs

Can AI Write My Student’s Next IEP?

While there are pros and cons, educators can use AI to help write a child’s IEP, streamlining the process.

Creative girl writing for learning and planning schedule in journal.


5 Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Teachers often use growth mindset techniques, but how can you apply those ideas at home? We’ve got you covered with great growth mindset activities for kids.

Easter Egg Number Matching Game

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Math and Science

Easter Egg Number Matching Game

Counting has never been more fun than with this Easter Egg Number Matching Game. This game is easy to assemble and will surely be a hit with your little one!

Liberty braille water bottle

Braille and Literacy

Liberty Braille Bottles

Liberty Bottles creates customizable water bottles with raised and readable braille printing on their bottles.

Feed the Bunny Alphabet Game

Braille and Literacy

Feed the Bunny Alphabet Game

Learning alphabet letters and sounds is a blast with this Feed the Bunny Alphabet Game. This is the perfect game for an Easter-themed preschool activity.

Nursery pick up and drop off.

Education, Special Needs

How To Build a Relationship With Your Child’s Special Ed Teacher

Unsure how to build a genuine connection with your child’s special ed teacher? Understanding their role and how to support them will help!

School children Hand cleaner.

IEPs, Potty Training

7 Sample Toileting IEP Goals

Toileting IEP goals should address the specific needs and abilities of each child. Be flexible and patient as your child works on their toileting skills.

Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt

Braille and Literacy, Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt

Make sight word memorization easy and fun with this Easter-themed game. With just a few supplies, you can create this Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt.

Shot of a young child psychologist talking with a boy.

Education, Special Needs

A Comprehensive Guide to Special Education Assessment and Evaluation

Find out what you need to know about special education assessments and how they can help you and your child access their right to special education.

Group of special students in classroom, a down syndrome girl, two handicapped boys and cute Asian teacher playing toy and game together.

Education, Special Needs

What Is an LEA? Local Educational Agencies Explained

Ever heard of an LEA and wondered what they do? Read on to learn everything you need to know about local educational agencies and how they affect your child.

Valentine's sight word game.

Braille and Literacy, Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Valentine’s Sight Word Game

Turn sight word practice into a game with this Valentine’s Sight Word Game. This Valentine’s Day activity is both inexpensive and easy to create!

Nursery teacher sitting with a parent and her Down Syndrome son in the classroom.

Education, Special Needs

Smoothing the Transition to Special Needs Preschool

Sending your child to special needs preschool for the first time can be daunting, but knowing what to expect can make the experience smoother for you and your child.

Toddler child wearing a hearing aid at home.

Education, Special Needs

What Is an IFSP? Individualized Family Service Plans Explained

Wondering what an IFSP is and if your child qualifies for one? To find out, read our guide to individualized family service plans and how they work.

Reading time in an elementary school or kindergarten.

Education, Special Needs

Navigating the Path to a Least Restrictive Environment

Least restrictive environment means different things for each child, but one thing is certain—all children with disabilities have a right to an inclusive education.

Teacher assisting blind student in library at school.

Education, Special Needs

Expanded Core Curriculum Checklist for Visually Impaired Students

The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) ensures visually impaired students can access the same education as their peers. This checklist explains how the ECC works in practice.

CVC word snowball toss game balls labeled with letters.

Braille and Literacy, Education

CVC Word Snowball Toss

Learning consonant-vowel-consonant words is easy and fun with this CVC Word Snowball Toss activity. Grab some artificial snowballs and let the games begin!

Xavier Society for the Blind

Braille and Literacy

Xavier Society for the Blind

Xavier Society distributes religious, spiritual, and inspirational reading materials in braille and audio to blind and visually impaired individuals worldwide.

African american female teacher teaching disabled girl to use digital tablet at elementary school.

Education, Special Needs

Understanding the Free Appropriate Public Education Mandate

FAPE ensures all eligible students with disabilities are given a quality education and offered the same opportunities as their classmates.

Group of children having fun with dog during therapy.

Education, Special Needs

Should Therapy Dogs Be Allowed in Schools?

Therapy dogs offer support and companionship while creating a therapeutic setting. Understand the benefits and challenges of allowing therapy dogs in schools.

Teacher near preschooler girl and disabled child with down syndrome.

Education, Special Needs

Top Five Special Education Acronyms Explained

Confused by all the special education acronyms you see? Trying to remember what they all mean? Check out our list of the top five for everything you need to know.

Teenage Boy In Wheelchair Playing Basketball With Friends.

Education, Special Needs

Empowering Students with Disabilities Through Adapted Physical Education

Understand the role of adapted physical education and how personalized and inclusive practices reshape physical education for students with disabilities.

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren In Art Class.


Exploring World Cultures: 4 Multicultural Activities for Preschoolers

Multicultural activities for preschoolers are a fun and engaging way to teach diversity. You can use cooking, art, and movement to explore world cultures.