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Braille and Literacy

Braille Library & Transcribing Services

BLTS offers over 2,000 braille titles for children and adults and their collection is always being enlarged and updated.

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Braille and Literacy

Braille Bookstore

The Braille Bookstore doesn't just sell books. They also carry low vision products, housewares, toys and games, greeting cards and all sorts of other handy items for people with visual...

Kester Braille

Braille and Literacy

Kester Braille Curriculum Program

The purpose of the Kester Braille Reading Program is to fill the need for non-visual materials to teach specific skills to beginning readers in the same sequence these skills are...

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Pop-Up IEP for Parents/Advocates

Check out this website to read some "conversation stoppers" that parents may hear at an IEP meeting and ideas for possible responses.

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Braille and Literacy

Should Blind Kids Learn Braille?

The New York Times takes a look at the decline of braille education in favor of electronic media, including the frank (and conflicting) opinions of those close to the issue....

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Braille and Literacy

Slate Pals: Braille pen-pal program

Slate Pals is a pen pal program for blind Braille reading students who want to write Braille letters to other students.

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Braille and Literacy

National Braille Association

National Braille Association (NBA) is the only national organization solely dedicated to the professional development of individuals who prepare and produce braille materials.

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Braille and Literacy

Braille for My Baby: Six Things You Can Do at Home for Your Young Blind Child

Graciela writes about how she introduced her daughter, Milagro, to braille at an early age. Here are six things you can do now to encourage early literacy!

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iPad Apps and Accessibility, Visual Impairment

The Best Accessible Computer Games for Blind Kids

We'll show you the best places to find accessible video games for blind children - and some of them are free!

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Braille and Literacy

Word Games for Kids who are Blind

Word games are a fun way to encourage your blind child to think about language and sounds. Here are some ways you can use simple games to help your child...

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Braille and Literacy

Braille Through Remote Learning

Braille through Remote Learning is an online instructional program that provides teachers, parents, social workers, and current/future braille transcribers with a series of three integrated online courses in braille and...


Braille and Literacy

Ask a Mom About… BRAILLE

I get to ask a mom about teaching her visually impaired son braille.

The braille bag

Braille and Literacy

Make Your Own Braille Bag!

Here's a crafty idea that's simple and will also help raise braille awareness. Make a cute braille bag for your child and they'll be the talk of the town!

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Braille and Literacy

Word Association Print/Braille Labels

Print/Braille labels from the American Printing House for the blind (APH) help you introduce Braille to your blind or visually impaired child.

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Braille and Literacy

Make Your Own Touch Book!

Learn how to make your own Touch Book for your blind baby by putting together a book of textures for him to feel. It's easy and fun and can be...


Braille and Literacy

Make Your Own Braille Clock!

Are you looking for a fun and inventive gift to make for a friend? Here's our idea for a beautiful Braille Clock - and you'll be amazed at how easy...

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Braille and Literacy

Story Boxes: A Hands-On Literacy Experience

Learn how to make story boxes for kids who are blind with children's books and simple items from around your home.