Breastfeeding can be challenging, but we have the advice you need to help you through. From nursing pads to establishing a good latch, you'll find the answers to your breastfeeding questions here.

Asian mother hugging her infant on an ergonomic baby carrier.

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5 Best Nursing Carriers for Breastfeeding Moms of 2023

Hands-free breastfeeding allows you to feed baby on the go, so you can get things done. This list of the best nursing carriers will help you find the right one...

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How to Scald High Lipase Breast Milk

High lipase breast milk may taste soapy or sour to your baby, but scalding it before storing can help. Find out how to scald breast milk in this guide.

Pain and problems in a woman while breastfeeding a baby.


Dealing With Sore or Tender Nipples While Breastfeeding

Sore or tender nipples while breastfeeding can be discouraging. Try these proven tips to experience relief from nipple pain.

White coating on tongue baby. Oral thrush.


Thrush vs Milk Tongue: How to Tell the Difference

White residue or white patches in your baby’s mouth are common and not dangerous. The white you see may be from milk tongue or thrush. Find out how to tell...

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Slacker Boob? When One Breast Isn’t Producing Enough Milk

Is one breast producing less milk than the other? If you’re feeling a little uneven, there are many ways to fix a slacker boob and encourage your milk supply.

Six months old asian baby drinking breastmilk.


How to Do a Dream Feed

Incorporating a dream feed into your baby’s routine can be a useful tool in getting a longer stretch of sleep, but it’s not the right choice for every family.

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When Can I Stop Pumping at Night?

If you choose to pump exclusively, you will need to pump as often as your baby needs to eat. As they get older, you’ll be able to stop pumping at...

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How to Avoid Mastitis When Weaning

Mastitis is a painful breast infection often caused by clogged milk ducts. Gradually weaning your baby is recommended to avoid mastitis.

Breastfeeding mother keeps nursing pad.

Breastfeeding, Product Reviews

5 Best Breastfeeding Therapy Pads to Increase Milk Supply

Therapy pads can help breastfeeding mothers with pain, clogged ducts, and even milk supply. Find the best heating pad for breastfeeding moms right here.

Top view of a young mother breastfeeding her newborn at home.


How to Make a Warm Compress for Breast Engorgement or Pain

Warm compresses can relieve pain and engorgement while breastfeeding. Here are easy ways to make a warm compress.

Woman hands holding manual breast pump for expressing milk for feeding baby.


11 Breast Pumping Tips, Tricks & Hacks for Nursing Moms

Our top breast pumping tips, tricks, & hacks can help nursing moms keep up their milk supply and make the overall process easier and less painful.

Breast pump and bottle with milk in woman's hand.


How Many Times Can You Reheat Breast Milk?

Wondering if you can reheat breast milk your baby didn’t finish? Breast milk has significant nutritional value and can be safely reheated once with some precautions.

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How to Donate Your Breast Pump When You No Longer Need It

Looking to donate your breast pump? If it’s a closed system pump, suitable for multiple users, and is working well with spare parts available, here’s how.

Asian mother holding twin breast pump after feeding her child in the bedroom at home.


Breast Pumping Schedule: Creating One That Works for You

Whether you choose to pump exclusively or use a combination of breastfeeding and pumping, a breast pumping schedule can help you be successful.

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Gassy Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding

The food you eat can pass from your digestive system into your breast milk. There are several gassy foods to avoid when breastfeeding to keep your baby comfortable.

Close Up of pregnant women having painful feelings in breast.


Mastitis in Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Mastitis in pregnancy is a rare cause of breast pain and discomfort. If identified early, it is easily treatable with antibiotics.

Breastfeeding woman have breast pain.


Engorgement vs Mastitis: What’s the Difference?

Engorgement and mastitis are two different conditions associated with breastfeeding. Learn the difference and how to prevent and handle each problem effectively.

Top view of a young mother breastfeeding her newborn at home.


How to Fix a Shallow Latch When Breastfeeding

A shallow latch can be painful and discouraging for a new mom. Thankfully there are easy ways to fix a shallow latch while breastfeeding!

Young Caucasian woman and baby boy with a nursing necklace.


Nursing Necklace vs Teething Necklace: What’s the Difference?

We break down the differences between a teething necklace and a nursing necklace so you can confidently purchase the right necklace for your needs.

Breast milk frozen in storage bag and baby lying on background.


High Lipase Milk and How to Fix It

High lipase breast milk is common and won’t cause any harm to your baby. Find out exactly what high lipase milk is and how you can fix it.

Beautiful mother breast feeding her cute little baby.


3 Signs Your Milk is Drying Up

How can you tell if your breastmilk is drying up? Learn how to ensure you're making enough milk for your baby and how you can boost milk production naturally.

A woman with a cabbage on her breast.


How to Use Cabbage Leaves to Treat Mastitis

Relief for the discomfort associated with Mastitis may be as close as your refrigerator. Learn how cabbage leaves can ease the pain that accompanies Mastitis.

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Open vs Closed System Breast Pumps: Which Are Better?

The first thing you’ll want to think about is deciding between an open vs closed system breast pump, and we’re going to help you make an informed decision.

Busy mother breastfeeding her newborn baby while using an manual.


Sudden Drop in Milk Supply: 4 Causes and Solutions

A sudden drop in milk supply is stressful for both mom and baby. A healthy diet and stress management can help you make enough milk for your growing baby.