Breastfeeding can be challenging, but we have the advice you need to help you through. From nursing pads to establishing a good latch, you'll find the answers to your breastfeeding questions here.

Asian mother is breastfeeding baby girl on the grass field.


When Is It Too Late to Start Breastfeeding?

When is it too late to start breastfeeding? Whether you stopped breastfeeding and want to begin again, or this is all totally new to you, we’ve got the answer

Puttting a nursing pad in the nursing bra


How Often Do I Need to Change Breast Pads?

We’ve rounded up all the information you need to make the best decision for changing your breast pads along with your feeding journey.

Asian millennial mother breast feeding her baby.


When Does Cluster Feeding End?

Cluster feeding can seem like a never-ending cycle of baby feeding and sleep deprivation. Fortunately, it's only a phase and does pass eventually.

Empty Mini Fridge

Breastfeeding, Product Reviews

7 Best Mini Fridges for Storing Breast Milk of 2023

Portable mini fridges are an ideal solution for storing breast milk. Their compact size fits small spaces with enough room to hold a good amount of milk bottles or bags.

Breastfeeding mother keeps nursing pad.


The 8 Best Nursing Pads of 2023

On the hunt for the best nursing pads? Let us help you find the quality and comfort you’re looking for! Here’s our list of the Best Nursing Pads.

Nipple cream for breastfeeding moms.


The 9 Best Nipple Creams for Breastfeeding of 2023

Are you looking for the best nipple cream for breastfeeding? With so many options, it's helpful to know which ones perform well. Here are our best nipple creams.

A woman having dry nipples during her pregnancy.

Breastfeeding, Pregnancy

Dry Nipples During Pregnancy: 5 Tips to Help

Dry nipples during pregnancy is a common symptom. Use these tips to help relieve the itch and keep your breasts soft and moisturized.

Young African-American mother breastfeeding her son.


Help! Why is My Baby Latching and Unlatching Repeatedly?

Breastfeeding can be challenging. Here's what to do when you find your baby latching and unlatching multiple times per feeding session.

Mom feeding her baby


How to Prevent Lipstick Nipple Latch When Breastfeeding

One common side effect of an improper latch is something known as lipstick nipple, and it can be painful and unsettling.

Mother breast feeding daughter.


Does Breast Milk Stain? Yes! But Here’s How to Remove It

There are specific oxygen-based bleaching products for baby clothes that work on milk stains and claim to be gentle on the skin.

Baby with pacifier resting in its mother's arms.

Breastfeeding, Product Reviews

The 5 Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies of 2023

Mommy’s breast may not always be readily available for your baby. What’s a fussy baby and busy parent to do? Enter your sanity savior: the pacifier. 

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Breastfeeding, Visual Impairment

Breastfeeding & Bonding with Your Visually Impaired Infant

Breast feeding a baby can be difficult, especially if they have a vision impairment. Learn about your options when choosing to nurse a blind or visually impaired baby.