Learn how to support your baby as they grow and develop through milestones, including gross motor and fine motor development as well as communication skills.

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Portrait of an adorable baby girl playing with a toy walker at home.

Fine and Gross Motor

Are Push Walkers Bad for Babies?

Push walkers were created to help babies learn to walk. However, research shows that walkers may actually slow your baby’s progress.

Close-up shot of young caregiver trying to comfort and calm down a crying child.


How Fearful Avoidant Attachment Develops in Childhood

Is your child struggling with emotional regulation, incongruent behaviors, and boundaries with strangers? Fearful avoidant attachment may be to blame.

Mother obsessed with control practicing helicopter parenting style.

Development, Parenting

Distal and Proximal Parenting: Understanding the Difference

Understanding the history, differences, and strengths of proximal and distal parenting will help you decide what parenting approaches work best for your family.

Newborn baby with open mouth is in arms of his mother and looks up.

Autism, Development

My Baby’s Mouth Is Always Open. Is It an Autism Indicator?

If your baby’s mouth is always open, you might be concerned about a link to autism. However, there are many other reasons for a babies mouth to be open.

Pumpkin picking fine motor activity.

Fine and Gross Motor, Play

Pumpkin Picking Fine Motor Activity

This adorable pumpkin picking fine motor activity is a breeze to make! A perfect fall activity for preschoolers and toddlers alike.

Mom and her daughter child girl are playing, smiling and hugging at home.

Development, Parenting

Responsive Parenting: Building Strong Bonds with Your Child

Responsive parenting raises well-adjusted kids by combining appropriate expectations with high levels of emotional support. Learn how to be a responsive parent.

Young married couple teaching their son to learn the first baby steps in their home.


Late Walking in Babies: 7 Common Reasons

If your baby isn’t walking by 18 months of age, they may need a little help with walking. Physical therapy and adaptive equipment can help.

Adorable children skipping rope indoors.

Fine and Gross Motor

Fine vs. Gross Motor Skills: What’s the Difference?

Motor skills are an essential part of your child's development, but what exactly are they, and how can you help them to develop? Find all the details here!

Asian mother talking with the daughter.

Development, Parenting

Inductive Discipline: Nurturing Your Child’s Self-Discipline

Inductive discipline aids child development, encourages empathy, and promotes prosocial behavior. Learn more about this popular parenting technique here.

Little mixed race girl practices yoga on floor.

Fine and Gross Motor, Play

8 Fun Yoga Poses for Toddlers

Yoga for toddlers is the perfect activity for your high-energy, curious, daring child. Harness their natural enthusiasm by teaching this ancient discipline.

Asian disability boy learning color Painting in classroom with Autism girl in special school with female teacher.


Speech Delay vs Autism: How to Recognize the Difference

Some children with speech delays are diagnosed with autism. Understand the difference between speech delays and autism to help your child get the right support.

Happy little kid at the table draw with water color.


10 Activities to Develop Visual-Spatial Skills in Kids

Visual-spatial skills help kids excel academically and in daily life. Learn ways to boost these skills and support your child's development.

Small toddler or baby kid playing with puzzle shapes.


7 Cognitive Activities for Preschoolers

Cognitive development activities for preschoolers develop critical thinking and processing skills while having fun!

asian mother play with her baby on the bed.


The Holophrastic Stage in Childhood Language Acquisition

The holophrastic stage, or one-word stage, is one of the main stages of language acquisition. Learn more about this critical stage of your child’s development.

Happy preschool age children play with colorful plastic toy blocks.


Block Play: Benefits & Stages in Childhood Development

Put those expensive, flashy toys back on the shelf! What your child needs are blocks and lots of them. Check out the many developmental benefits of block play!

Little boy learning shapes, early education and daycare concept.


5 Shape Recognition Activities to Boost Development

Shape recognition is an important foundational skill for math, science, language, and more. Help your child learn shapes with these fun and easy activities!

Cute mother and daughter playing together, reading first book.


18 Cognitive Activities for Infants to Help Development

Check out our list of the best cognitive activities for infants you can use to boost your baby’s brain power and jumpstart their learning journey.

Cute little baby lying on mother's lap and cooing.


The 5 Stages of Language Development in Children

Children go through five stages of language development starting at birth. Babies practice with simple sounds, which will quickly turn into their first words.

Lovely 2 years boy sorts details by color


25 Cognitive Activities for Toddlers to Boost Development

Are you overwhelmed by all the cognitive milestones your toddler needs to reach? Check out this list of fun activities to boost your toddler’s development!

Speech and language development for babies producing babbling sounds.


The Babbling Stage in Childhood Language Acquisition

Babbling is cute and silly, but it also plays an important role in your infant’s language development. Learn how you can encourage your child to babble more.

Mother feeding a picky eater son


Pediatric Feeding Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

Is your child a picky eater? If you’re concerned about your child’s eating habits, pediatric therapy can help with eating difficulties and find the underlying cause.

A mother and child looking picture books together at the library.


9 Social-Emotional Activities for Preschoolers

Social-emotional activities for preschoolers are vital in helping them maintain relationships, control their behavior, and manage their feelings.

Three little children play with colorful rainbow pyramid toy.


Infant vs Toddler vs Preschooler: What’s the Cutoff Age?

Often referred to as one and the same, the differences between infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are huge! Learn the major distinctions you need to know right here!

Preschool boy and girl playing on floor with educational block toys.


5 Sensational STEM Activities for Toddlers

STEM activities are important for toddlers, but don’t panic! They already do a ton of STEM learning through everyday play.