Learn how to support your baby as they grow and develop through milestones, including gross motor and fine motor development as well as communication skills.

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Receptive vs Expressive Language: What’s the Difference?

Help your child succeed by understanding the difference between receptive language and expressive language! Early intervention is key to effective communication.

Toddler girl walking from dad to mothers arms in sitting room.


What Is Joint Attention & Why Is It Important?

The ability to respond and initiate joint attention is necessary for developing relationships. Learn strategies to foster joint attention for your child.

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Help! Why Does My Baby Keep Sucking on Their Hand?

It's completely normal for babies to suck on their hand or thumb. Find out why your baby keeps sucking on their hand and what you can do about it.

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11 Language Activities for Preschoolers

Adequate language skills are crucial for a child’s success in life. Use these simple language activities for preschoolers to help your child succeed!

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Development, Parenting

Jumping for Kids: Activities, Toys & Milestones

Wondering if your child is on track with their jumping milestones? Learn the value of jumping and how you can help your child improve this foundational skill.

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The 6 Stages of Play & How They Contribute to Development

Play isn’t just fun for your child. Children go through several stages of play that are each an important part of early childhood development.

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5 Motor Planning Activities for Skill Development

Is your child uncoordinated or slow to learn new motor skills? Discover how motor planning affects your child’s development and what you can do to improve it!

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Development, Fine and Gross Motor

10 Pincer Grasp Activities and Toys for Your Baby

What is the pincer grasp and when does it develop? Find out what it is, when you’ll see it, and how you can help your child develop this fine motor...

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Baby Hates Tummy Time? Try These Alternatives Instead!

If your baby hates tummy time, there’s hope! These 5 alternatives will keep your baby smiling while on their belly.

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Gross Motor Milestones for Typically-Developing Children

Understanding gross motor milestones for typically-developing children can help to determine if your child’s development is on track.

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11 Fine Motor Activity Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

Is your child struggling to play with toys and use small objects? Read on to learn about fine motor activities for your infant or toddler!

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Social-Emotional Activities for Toddlers

Learn about social-emotional activities that will help your toddler develop the social and emotional skills needed to thrive in early childhood and beyond.

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Crossing the Midline Activities & Exercises for Your Child

The ability to cross our hands or feet over the midline of our bodies is important for many skills. Learn activities to help your child cross the midline with ease!

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What Are “Baby Leaps” and Are They Real?

We decode the baby leaps of the popular Wonder Weeks book to see if this theory might help you and your baby get through those fussy times.

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Toddler Growth Spurts: When and What to Expect

Toddler growth spurts occur between one and three years of age. While not as dramatic as some other stages, there’s still a lot going on for your toddler.

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Development, Fine and Gross Motor

13 Easy DIY Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Toddlers are constantly exploring the world through their hands and many simple activities can encourage fine motor development in preschoolers.

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Sequential Reasoning Skills and Your Child’s Development

Does your child struggle with step-by-step instructions? Find out if your child struggles with sequential reasoning skills and ways you can help improve it.

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Development, Visual Impairment

Development Charts for Blind and Visually Impaired Babies and Children

Blind children may have delayed development in several key areas. These development charts outline milestones for visually impaired babies.

blind baby crawling

Crawling, Visual Impairment

When does a blind baby start crawling?

When does a blind baby usually start to crawl? When should I start to be worried that there is another issue besides blindness?

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Autism, Development

What Is Fluid Reasoning and Why Is It Important?

If a child struggles to learn new ways to do things, it may be a problem with fluid reasoning. Learn about fluid reasoning, its importance, and ways to improve it.

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Fine and Gross Motor, Special Needs

What Does a Pediatric Physical Therapist Do?

Learn how to prepare for your child’s first physical therapist appointment so you can feel confident that they are getting the care they need.

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How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

Given a safe space to practice and lots of loving attention, learning to walk comes naturally for most babies.

Mother teaches her baby to roll over on her stomach on the bed.


How to Help Teach Your Baby to Roll Over

Rolling over is a major baby milestone that you can help your baby reach with fun, encouragement, and of course, lots of tummy time.

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Developing Sensory Motor Skills in Children

Developing sensory skills in your child helps their cognitive growth and fine motor skills while building physical strength, balance, and coordination.