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Find advice on how to manage doctor visits and hospital stays, learn how to teach self-feeding skills and discover new medical treatments and research opportunities for children who are blind

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Baby allergic rash on the cheeks and near mouth.

Health & Nutrition

Treating Teething Rash: Advice From Experts

Teething rash is a common issue that most babies develop when their teeth erupt through the gums. Learn how to spot this unsightly rash and stop it in its tracks.

Mother spoon-feeds her child.

Feeding and Eating

9 Healthy Baby Breakfast Ideas for Hungry Munchkins

Whether you’re using traditional or baby-led weaning, these healthy baby breakfast ideas will give your hungry little one a great start to the day.

Little girl with the flu.

Health & Nutrition

What Is RSV and Should You Be Concerned?

RSV is a common and very contagious respiratory virus. Learn about the signs and symptoms of RSV and what can put your child at risk.

Newborn baby breastfeeding with a baby acne on face.

Health & Nutrition

Does Treating Baby Acne With Breast Milk Work?

You may have heard about treating baby acne with breast milk. Baby acne is caused by hormones in your baby’s system and usually clears up on it’s own.

Toddler refused to use a pacifier.

Feeding and Eating

Help! My Baby Won’t Take a Pacifier

Why does your baby refuse to take a pacifier? How to safely use a pacifier with your baby and get them to take it and keep it in.

Little girl with special needs making her own breakfast.

Feeding and Eating, Special Needs

Developing Self-Care Skills in Children with Disabilities

Mastering self-care skills can be especially empowering for children with disabilities, helping them to gain independence and confidence.

Young mother feeding her baby from bottle in bed at night.

Feeding and Eating, Sleep

How to Wean Your Baby Off Their Bottle at Night

Getting enough sleep is something all parents yearn for. Knowing how to wean your baby off their night bottle is probably at the top of your priority list.

African American mom hugging her cute kid at home while checking his teeth.

Health & Nutrition

How Long Does Teething Last?

To get an idea of what to expect from your baby’s teething journey, it’s helpful to become familiar with the stages and symptoms of teething.

Baby has rashes on her face because she get herpes infection.

Health & Nutrition

Baby Acne vs Herpes: How to Tell the Difference

Baby acne is a condition that resolves on its own. Neonatal herpes is dangerous and requires treatment. If you think your baby has herpes, seek medical care.

A depressed mother holding her baby with skin problems.

Health & Nutrition

Baby Eczema vs Acne: How to Spot the Difference

Telling the difference between acne and eczema is more about knowing the characteristics of each like the timing and symptoms.

A little girl rolling on the blanket.

Health & Nutrition

Is It Normal for a Newborn’s Eyes to Roll Back in Their Head?

If your newborn’s eyes roll back in their head how do you know if it’s something to worry about or just one of those things that babies do?

Cute little girl sitting in baby chair and drinking water.

Development, Feeding and Eating

Developing Oral Motor Skills in Children

Oral motor skills develop throughout your child’s first two years of life. Wondering what to expect? Our list of skills by age will help keep you informed.

SIDS Triple Risk Model

Health & Nutrition, Research Studies

SIDS Breakthrough: New Research Indicates Possible Cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Researchers at the SIDS and Sleep Apnoea Research Group in Australia have discovered a possible cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Mom and child smiling

Research Studies

Family Interactions and Blind Children Research Study

University of Bristol is looking for families who can share videos of their children who are blind interacting with their friends and family.

Cute baby boy playful bubbles saliva drool on child mouth.

Health & Nutrition, Parenting

Drool Rash vs Eczema: How to Tell the Difference

Drool rashes are common among teething babies and cause irritating red patches on the face and neck just like eczema, but there are key differences.

Daddy cleaning up baby's nose.

Feeding and Eating

Help! Milk is Coming Out Of My Baby’s Nose!

Babies’ spit-up flows out fairly gently without causing too much distress while vomit is forcefully expelled by stomach muscles contracting.

Couple burping their son.

Feeding and Eating

Help! My Baby Won’t Burp!

Burping babies isn’t foolproof, and you might find that your baby won’t burp! It could be that they just don’t need to.

mom reading medication labels

Health & Nutrition, Special Needs

Managing Medications: 7 Tips for Parents of Medically Complex Kids

When you have a child with complex medical issues chances are they are taking multiple medications. Learn how to make managing meds easier.

Baby scratching face.

Health & Nutrition

My Baby Scratches Their Head a Lot: Should I Be Concerned?

It’s normal for babies to scratch their heads, but if your baby’s constant scratching causes skin irritation here's what to do.

Health & Nutrition

Help! My Baby’s Eyebrows Are So Crusty!

Your baby's newborn period is the peak time for cradle cap to strike and can leave your baby’s eyebrows looking crusty and not so cute. 

covid vaccine

Autism, Health & Nutrition

Getting My Special Needs Son the COVID Vaccine: One Mom’s Mission

While others debate the pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine, some desperate special needs families hopelessly search for resources to get their kids vaccinated.

8 Devices for Monitoring Seizures in Children

Health & Nutrition

8 Devices for Monitoring Seizures in Children

Seizures are scary, but there are ways to monitor and predict them, from movement or breathing monitors to wearable devices and apps.

boy sitting at table with an iPad

Eye Conditions and Syndromes, iPad Apps and Accessibility

Successful iPad Apps for Children with CVI

A collection of successful iPad apps for kids diagnosed with CVI as recommended by a TVI and CVI specialist.

colorful thick drinks

Feeding and Eating, Health & Nutrition

Thickened Liquids: What is it, Who Needs it and Will Insurance Pay for it?

If your child has problems swallowing, or dysphagia, it can be difficult for them to get thin liquids down the right side of their throat when drinking.