Research Studies

Many hospitals and universities conduct research studies about development in blind and visually impairedchildren. Learn how you can participate.

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Research Studies

Research Project for Fathers of Children With Disabilities

Being a dad of young children can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be stressful at times, especially for fathers of children with additional needs.

SIDS Triple Risk Model

Health & Nutrition, Research Studies

SIDS Breakthrough: New Research Indicates Possible Cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Researchers at the SIDS and Sleep Apnoea Research Group in Australia have discovered a possible cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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Research Studies, Visual Impairment

Family Interactions and Blind Children Research Study

University of Bristol is looking for families who can share videos of their children who are blind interacting with their friends and family.

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Research Studies, Visual Impairment

Language Research for Parents of Blind Infants

The Bergelson Lab at Duke University is looking for families with blind infants to participate in studies about language development.

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Research Studies

Assessing Visual Abilities in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Is it important to take vision into account when assessing the needs of children with cerebral palsy? You can help make that happen!

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Research Studies

Looking for LCA Advocates to Join Spark’s RPE65 Advisory Boards

This series of Advisory Boards hosted by Spark Therapeutics will be with members of the community living with an RPE65 genetic mutation.

MRI brain scans showing areas used during math computations for blind and sighted people

Research Studies

Study shows brain uses visual cortex while computing math problems

A recent JHU study shows blind people use visual cortex while solving math problems

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Research Studies

Discovering New Technology for Children and Adults with Severe Retinal Blinding Diseases

Harvard is seeking information about people with severe early onset retinal disease. This information will inform the design of a new technology that has the potential to help people with...

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Research Studies

Research Study on Leisure Reading Characteristics of Blind/Visually Impaired Youth

The Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University is looking for participants for a research study on leisure reading in blind and visually impaired children.

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Research Studies

Brain Development in Kids Born Blind

MIT is conducting a research study on brain plasticity in children who are born blind. They are recruiting children between the ages of 4-14 who are legally blind and who...

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Research Studies

Calling All Moms of Blind Kids!

Sonja Biggs is looking for mothers of blind children to participate in a study on school skills. Sonja would like to see how mothers prepare their blind children for school.

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Research Studies

Research Study for Mothers of Blind Children

A graduate student in the Genetic Counseling Program at Brandeis University is looking for mothers to participate in a research study designed to explore how a mother feels while bonding...

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Research Studies

Retinal Microchip Trials

A British man with retinitis pigmentosa has test driven the bionic eye, a set of implanted receivers that send impulses through the optic nerve and into the brain. Thirty-five test...