Potty Training

Potty training can be a chore, but it doesn't have to be! We will share our favorite potty training techniques and methods as well as the best potty training products on the market.

Smiling child sitting on chamber pot playing tablet app.

Potty Training, Product Reviews

Our 5 Favorite Potty Training Apps of 2022

Potty training apps can be fun and educational for toddlers and helpful potty progress trackers for parents. Here are the best apps around for potty training success.

Mother teaching child to use it as toilet.

Autism, Potty Training

Autism and Potty Training: A Parent’s Guide

Potty training an autistic child comes with certain challenges. We break down toilet training for kids with autism to guide parents.

Mother potty training her little daughter at home.

Potty Training

The Ultimate Potty Training Kit: Everything You Need to Start

Ready to start potty training? Don’t start before you’ve assembled your potty training kit! We’ve outlined everything you need to potty train with success.

Woman teaching her baby to use toilet bowl in bathroom.

Potty Training

Potty Training Regression: 5 Tips to Get Back on Track

Potty training regression occurs when a potty-trained child suddenly has consistent accidents. These tips can help parents get a child back on track.

Elimination communication training for diaper free child.

Potty Training

A Guide to Elimination Communication Potty Training

Looking to go diaper-free with elimination communication? Follow our guide to successfully potty-train your little one using these tips!

A mother in a store shopping for pull-ups.

Potty Training

The Best Pull-Ups for Older Bedwetters

Pull-ups usually fit toddlers weighing from 15 to 50 pounds, but it is possible to find pull-ups in larger sizes for older bedwetters.

Toddlers sitting on chamber pot and playing with toys.

Potty Training

Potty Training Boys: 6 Strategies That Work

Here are some strategies that should make potty training your little boy a rewarding experience for him and for you.

The two little baby girls sitting on pottys against green grass.

Potty Training

Potty Training Girls: 11 Strategies That Work

Is potty training girls different than potty training boys? Yes! But these strategies will help you potty train your little girl with success!

Baby sitting on potty chair.

Potty Training, Product Reviews

The 7 Best Potty Chairs of 2022

When you’re looking for the perfect potty chair for your little one, the options can be overwhelming. You may be wondering what type of potty chair is best.

kids in daycare

Potty Training

Potty Training and Daycare: A Parent’s How-To Guide

Consistency and open communication are key when potty training a child in preschool, daycare, or with multiple caregivers.

Girl potty training with her doll.

Potty Training, Product Reviews

The Best Potty Training Doll in 2022

A potty training doll is a fantastic way to speed up the potty training process and make it fun for your child.

7 Best Potty Training Urinals for Teaching Boys

Potty Training

7 Best Potty Training Urinals for Teaching Boys

When potty training boys you'll have to decide whether you should use a regular training potty, a potty training urinal, or both.

boy sitting on potty

Potty Training

Late Potty Training: 9 Tips to Help

Potty training is most often delayed (over 3 years old) by strong-willed refusal, reminder resistance, toilet phobia, or a medical condition.

child's feet on a step stool

Potty Training, Product Reviews

Best Toddler Step Stool of 2022

A toddler step stool will save you from lifting your child for everything and will help them wash hands, brush teeth and sit on the toilet all on their own.

little boy sitting on potette plus

Potty Training, Product Reviews

The Best Travel Potty for Toddlers in 2022

Travel potties are lightweight and easy to carry and may be a complete system with disposable bags or a simple folding seat that can be used on a regular toilet.

9 Most Popular Potty Training Methods

Potty Training

Best Potty Training Methods of 2022

There isn't one perfect potty training strategy, but really multiple potty training methods to choose from. Which is the right one for your child?

LIttle boy napping.

Potty Training, Sleep

Potty Training at Nap Time: 11 Tips for Success

Are you just about to start potty training and wondering what to do about naps? Here are 11 amazing tips that’ll make the process fun and easy.

Baby on potty with iPad.

Potty Training

Our 11 Top Potty Training Videos for Kids (and Parents)

Kids love songs and watching videos, so why not incorporate some YouTube clips into your toilet training?

happy boy potty training

Potty Training

Potty Training Age: When’s the Right Time to Start?

Resist rushing your child into potty training. Children show signs of potty training readiness between 24 and 36 months old.

Baby Bjorn Potty Seat

Potty Training, Product Reviews

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer Adjustable Toilet Seat Review

The Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer is by far the best potty seat on the market. Our son loves it!

Toddler sitting on a potty chair.

Potty Training

The Only Potty Training Schedule You’ll Ever Need

A good potty training schedule is one that’s personalized to your child. It should predict the times they’ll need to go and limit excessive trips to the potty.

A stubborn toddler doing potty training

Potty Training

How to Potty Train a Stubborn Toddler

Your child is two and stubborn. And you want to get them to sit on the potty? Are you crazy? Of course not! We'll show you how to do it.

little girl doing sign language

Communication, Potty Training

How to Use Sign Language for Potty Training

Sign language can be helpful for potty training young children who are pre-verbal, kids with special needs, or for multilingual families.

toddler crying on potty

Potty Training

Toddler Scared to Poop on the Potty? 14 Tips to Help

Toilet anxiety is perfectly normal when potty training young children, but there are many ways you can help calm your toddler.