The 8 Best Swim Diapers in 2023

Happy mother and her newborn child at infant swimming class.

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  • If your child isn’t potty trained, they should wear swim diapers when entering the pool or ocean. 
  • A swim diaper differs from a regular diaper and is designed not to swell in the water. 
  • The best swim diaper contains solids, not liquids; you shouldn’t use it for other activities besides water play. 

I’ll never forget the first time I realized I needed swim diapers—and it was when I had none. I took my son to a splash park and let him frolic in his regular diaper. Let’s just say the diaper had seen better days when he finished playing. 

Swimming diapers hold in poop (not pee, sorry!) while your little one is living their best life at the swimming pool. However, swim diapers don’t swell like regular diapers, which helps prevent what happened to my son. 

You can choose a disposable or reusable swim diaper, depending on your needs. While reusable swim diapers are eco-friendly, their disposable counterparts offer convenience. 

The best swim diapers are perfect for a day at the swimming pool, beach, or just a dip in the kiddie pool. Happy swimming, little ones! 

Best Choice
Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers - Size M, 18 Count, Gap-Free Disposable Baby Swim Pants
Best Budget
wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper (Diving, Ocean, Turtle, Large, 3 Pack)
Best Reusable
i play. Snap Reusable Swim Diaper | No other diaper necessary, UPF 50+ protection
Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers
wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper
iPlay Snap Reusable Swim Diaper
Price not available
Best Choice
Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers - Size M, 18 Count, Gap-Free Disposable Baby Swim Pants
Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers
Best Budget
wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper (Diving, Ocean, Turtle, Large, 3 Pack)
wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper
Best Reusable
i play. Snap Reusable Swim Diaper | No other diaper necessary, UPF 50+ protection
iPlay Snap Reusable Swim Diaper
Price not available

Our Choice: Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers 

Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers
  • Pampers Splashers disposable swim diapers are designed for the pool, beach, or any water activity
  • Doesn’t swell in water like regular diapers, for a comfortable fit when wet or dry
  • Helps contain messes with Dual Leak-Guard Barriers that fit snug around your little swimmer’s legs
  • Easy-Tear Sides are designed to make removal quick and easy even when wet
  • 360-degree gap-free fit
  • Doesn’t swell in water
  • Dual leak-guard barrier
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy-tear sides
  • Runs small

Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers reign champ for the best swim diapers. Parents know and love the popular diaper brand, and they deliver for little ones ready to hit the pool. 

The best disposable swim diapers keep your baby comfortable and protected, and Pampers does both! 

The easy-tear sides on this disposable swim diaper are convenient for changing because while your little one is soaking wet, you can rip the sides instead of trying to pull it down. 

In addition, the disposable diaper is perfect for swim school since you can throw it in the trash when swim lessons are over. If your little one isn’t in baby swim lessons, ensure you pick up an infant life jacket until they are safely swimming on their own. 

Many parents suggest sizing up when using Pampers Splashers to provide a more comfortable fit. Swim diapers fit similarly to regular diapers but will be a little snugger to ensure everything stays in. 

Material: Wood Fluff Pulp, Polypropylene, Spandex | Features: Pull-On Design, Won’t Swell in Water
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Best Budget: wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper 

wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper
  • Wegreeco Swim Diaper Size Large is great for baby 9 months – 3 years old, weight 20-40 lbs; Size Small is great for baby 0-8 months, weight 10-19 lbs, if the baby is thin, we suggest size S.
  • Cute Prints outer layer, designed for holding solids when swim.
  • Interior mesh is soft to your baby and helpful for holding solids or poo.
  • Adjustable Swim Diapers: Adjust the swim diaper size by front & waist corresponding snaps. Great for babies from birth up to 3 years old and great help for Mommy.
  • Reasonably priced
  • 3-pack
  • Reusable
  • Adjustable
  • Machine washable
  • Soft leg elastics
  • Trouble with sizing

The wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper is friendly on the wallet and comes in a pack of three. There are plenty of patterns and colors, so picking your favorite might be challenging. 

The wegreeco swim diapers are reusable, and the adjustable snaps allow plenty of space for your baby to grow. These reusable swim diapers keep messes contained but are not made to hold urine.

A reusable swim diaper is handy for going on a long trip or planning to hop in the pool all summer. It’s cost-effective, and you can throw reusable swim diapers in the washing machine for the next pool trip. 

Parents find the wegreeco reusable diapers practical, cost-effective, and soft on baby’s skin. However, some parents also recommend sizing up for this swim diaper. 

Material: Polyester | Features: Reusable, Adjustable
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Best Reusable: iPlay Snap Reusable Swim Diaper 

iPlay Snap Reusable Swim Diaper 
  • No other diaper necessary!
  • Use under standard swimsuit
  • Trim, lightweight diaper encourages swimming
  • Easy-lock snaps
  • Snug fit
  • Easy-lock snaps
  • Fits ages 6 months–5T
  • Lightweight
  • 3-layer design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Runs small
  • Pricey

The iPlay Snap Reusable Swim Diaper has comfort seams, a snug fit to keep messes in, and easy-lock snaps. What else could you ask for in a reusable swim diaper? 

iPlay swim diapers have over UPF 50+ protection, keeping your little one safe from harmful UV rays. Most reusable swim diapers offer more protection than disposable ones, perfect on a sunny day. 

I love the various color and pattern styles, including dolphins, blue pineapples, and sea pals. All you need now is your beach stroller and beach essentials for baby

In addition, iPlay prides itself on eco-friendly, reusable products, which helps reduce the number of disposable swim diapers in the landfill. 

If you are looking for an awesome reusable diaper, you’ll want to add the iPlay swim diaper to your shopping cart! As a note, many parents suggest sizing up because iPlay swim diapers tend to run small. 

While the price is a little high for one swim diaper, it’s comparable to other reusable diapers. 

Material: 100% Polyester | Features: Snug-fit, Easy Lock Snaps
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Best Disposable: Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Diapers 

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Diapers
  • Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers: 18 baby swim diapers, size 4 (24-34 lbs)
  • Designed for Swimming: Water diapers are made with unique materials that won’t swell in water like regular diapers
  • Fits Like Swimwear: Swim baby diapers have easy-open, refastenable sides for an adjustable fit and quick changes; Double Leak Guards fit snugly around your baby’s legs to help contain messes
  • No Harsh Ingredients: Disposable swim diapers are free of fragrances, lotions, elemental chlorine bleaching and natural rubber latex
  • Easy open sides
  • Doesn’t swell in water
  • Adjustable fit
  • Double leak guards
  • 3 different sizes
  • Sizing issues

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Diapers are hands-down one of my favorite throw-away swim diapers. These cute, patterned disposable swim diapers do a fantastic job of keeping your baby covered in the water. 

You’ll be surprised at how well Huggies Little Swimmers keep everything in if your baby poops. (This is one of the biggest things many parents rave about!) 

Unlike newborns’ Huggies, Little Swimmers won’t hold any loose stools, so keep an eye on your little one in the pool and avoid using them on newborns. 

Huggies swim diapers are free of lotions, fragrances, natural rubber latex, and elemental chlorine bleaching and offer a clean spot for your baby’s bum. 

Parents are divided on the sizing of Huggies Little Swimmers, so ensure you find the correct size for your child. While some parents claim they run small, others find them too big. If you buy the incorrect size, check the return policy of where you purchased them; you might be able to return them. 

Material: Cotton | Features: No Fragrance Added
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Best Hypoallergenic: Little Toes Natural Disposable Swim Baby Diapers 

Little Toes Natural Disposable Swim Baby Diapers
  • Swimming Diapers: Enjoy the beach, splashing in the pool, or getting wet with mess-free, snug-fit, and comfortable disposable diapers for little swimmers weighing 26 lbs and up
  • Leakproof Diapers: Double-locking barrier and rounder bottom provide more coverage and prevent accidents; the gentle, flexible, nonwoven fabric used in front and back along with 360-degree waistband provides comfort and easy movement
  • Natural Materials: The water diapers are hypoallergenic and free of PABA, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, latex, perfumes, chlorine, as well as other harsh chemicals
  • Easy to Change: Feature easy tear-away sides, and the pull-up and pull-off style, making changing these baby swim diapers a breeze
  • Free of harsh chemicals and additives
  • Easy tear-away sides
  • 360-degree waistband
  • Double seal protection
  • Flexible fabric
  • Pricey

If your little one has sensitive skin, you’ll appreciate the Little Toes Natural Disposable Swim Baby Diapers. These disposable swim diapers are gentle on your baby’s skin while providing coverage in the water, which makes for the perfect swim diaper. 

In addition, the 360-degree waistband allows for comfort and easy movement, and the easy tear-away sides make for easy diaper changes. 

The Little Toes swim diapers are ideal for babies 26 pounds and up and offer stretch for a comfortable fit. 

The price tag is a little higher, but you’re getting quality swim diapers free of harsh chemicals and made from natural materials. 

Material: Cotton | Features: Leak-proof, Made With Natural Materials
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Best Pull-Up: Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Diaper 

Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Diaper
  • The only authentic Happy Nappy. If it doesn’t say SplashAbout, It’s not a Happy Nappy
  • Insisted upon by swim schools – Proven to be the most effective swim nappy for preventing solid leaks into the pool
  • Multi award-winning – Awarded Gold in the Mother and Baby Awards for 4 years running, including 2104
  • Reusable swim nappy made from 1 mm thick neoprene, with a unique patented 3 D design, for the protection against faecal leaks
  • Provides a snug fit
  • Several color and pattern choices
  • Super-soft 1mm thick neoprene fabric
  • No tight elastic
  • Thick and comfortable fabric
  • Pricey

The Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Diaper has some of the most adorable patterns I’ve seen! In addition to being cute, these swim diapers have a unique 3D design to protect against leaks. 

A pull-up reusable swim diaper is a great option for a day at the pool or beach. While pool diapers don’t hold in pee, they are ideal for preventing fecal matter from entering the water. 

Your baby can wear the swim diaper alone, or you can put a swimsuit on top. The Happy Nappy swim diapers don’t have tight elastic, so your little one can move comfortably without getting chafed skin or red marks. 

Remember, you’ll want the swim diaper to fit snugly around the waist and thighs to form a seal for preventing leaks. 

Material: Neoprene | Features: Reusable, Snug-fit
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Best Adjustable: Beau & Belle Eco-Friendly Reusable Baby Swim Diapers 

Beau & Belle Eco-Friendly Reusable Baby Swim Diapers
  • Save hundreds and save to resuable swim diapers What’s better than looking enviably cute, saving money, & saving the environment as a family? Unlike leading disposable national brand baby swim diapers, our swim diaper is reusable (goodbye carbon footprint) and will last longer than the leading single-size reusable brands because it adjusts between sizes N and 5 in diapers (hello savings)!
  • Superior quality Adjustable, Reusable and Washable Swim Diaper The Nageuret line of reusable cloth swim diapers are designed for families who require premium, elite-level products. Washable and adjustable between 8-36 lbs, our CPSIA-tested snaps adjust around the waist & legs with three different sizes, and three different size adjustments for the height of the baby swim diapers.
  • Waterproof and Stylish Outer shell is made from a premium soft breathable waterproof 100% PUL polyester cloth fabric featuring cute original prints so your little Beau or Belle can swim in style while preventing mass pool evacuations from floaty friends. The inside is an extremely soft premium Polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort. The one-of-a-kind trendy patterns are designed exclusively by Beau & Belle Littles In Colorado. Remember: Only you can prevent pool evacuations
  • As a small family-owned company in Colorado, the outdoors is a huge part of our life. In 2015 we determined to stop throwing our money away with disposable swim diapers & develop a premium, high-end washable, waterproof, reusable cloth swimming diaper alternative because we want our son to grow up in the beautiful Colorado we grew up in.
  • Adjustable snaps
  • 8 color & pattern choices
  • 3 sizes in 1
  • Soft fabric
  • Washable
  • Pricey

The Beau & Belle Eco-Friendly Reusable Baby Swim Diapers allow your baby to grow instead of buying a new swim diaper at their next growth spurt.  An adjustable diaper is key for your growing baby, and the Beau & Belle swim diaper has a 3-in-1 feature, making sizing a breeze. 

I also love the pattern and color choices because they make it look like a regular bathing suit. The swim diaper has a waterproof and breathable fabric, and you can easily wash it for the next use. 

The Beau & Belle is a great swim diaper, even with a higher price tag. Remember, reusable diapers last the test of time, so the initial investment is usually worth it! 

Like the Beau & Belle brand says, “Remember: Only you can prevent pool evacuations.”

Material: PUL polyester | Features: Reusable, Adjustable Snaps
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Best Built-in: Green Sprouts ECO Swim Trunks with Built-in Diaper 

Green Sprouts ECO Swim Trunks with Built-in Diaper
  • MADE FROM SUSTAINABLE RECYCLED POLYESTER—Uses up to 62% less energy and 99% less water than traditional polyester during production. Recycled polyester reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20%.
  • SECURE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE SWIM DIAPER ENCOURAGES SWIMMING—Baby will move freely during swim lessons without feeling weighed down. No bulky fabric and extra snaps, our 2-in-1 baby boy’s swimsuit and built-in swim diaper is all you need for playtime at the pool or beach.
  • PATENTED DESIGN IS BREATHABLE, ABSORBENT, AND WATERPROOF—As the original swim diaper manufacturer, our patented triple-layer design offers superior function and comfort. A wicking liner to prevent diaper rash, an absorbent inner layer that doesn’t puff up or weigh swimmers down, and a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks. A snug fit and frequent diaper checks are essential for any swim diaper to prevent pool accidents, see the size chart for more information. U.S. Pat. No. 7,678,119
  • NO OTHER DIAPER NECESSARY! ECONOMICAL AND CREATES LESS WASTE—Save money and reduce waste with our machine-washable, reusable swim diaper compared to disposable swim diapers.
  • Built-in swim diaper
  • Looks like regular swim trunks
  • Fits up to 3T
  • Outer layer
  • Machine washable
  • Limited sizes

We all know children potty train at different ages, but if your child is an older toddler and still needs a swim diaper, they’ll appreciate the Green Sprouts ECO Swim Trunks with Built-in Diaper

Unlike other swim diapers, the Green Sprouts has built in swim diapers into swim trunks. This innovative swim diaper also has a wicking liner to help prevent diaper rash

In addition, the trunks have cross-back straps to help them stay in place as your child plays. A play swim diaper is perfect for a day at the pool or beach, and you’ll get that with the Green Sprouts swim trunks. 

Material: Recycled Polyester | Features: Reusable, Cross-Back Straps
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What Are Swim Diapers?

Cute little baby swimming to father in a pool,.

Swim diapers work for children who aren’t potty trained and want to go in the pool or ocean. While swim diapers don’t absorb liquids, they keep solid poops inside instead of making their way into the water. 

Regular Diapers Vs. Swim Diapers

Unlike regular diapers, swim diapers don’t have an absorbent layer and are mainly designed to keep in fecal matter, not liquids, so it doesn’t enter the pool water. 

If your child poops while you’re at the pool, you should still change them quickly to avoid a potential accident. Although, we know to do that with a regular diaper, too. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while most germs are killed by chlorine, there is still the chance of recreational water illnesses11. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Poop in the Pool. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2022. (RWI) caused by fecal matter in public pools. 

Another benefit of swim diapers is you typically don’t need to put a bathing suit on top because they generally are made of soft mesh and waterproof fabric. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Swim Diaper

Baby girl crawling in the pool shore.

While grabbing something off the shelf is always convenient, knowing what you should consider before buying swim diapers is helpful. Here’s a list of our top things to consider before purchasing a swim diaper. 


Similar to regular diapers, swim diapers come in specific sizes, so finding the appropriate size for an accurate fit is essential. While you want to ensure no gaps for leakage, you also don’t want the diaper too tight where it’s uncomfortable. 

Typically, swim diapers offer a snug fit but aren’t tight on your baby’s legs. In addition, swim diapers aren’t meant for newborns who have loose stools. That’s not to say you can’t take young babies in the pool, but you should be cautious. 

Disposable Vs. Reusable Swim Diapers 

You’ll find the two types of swim diapers, reusable and disposable—but is one better?

There are pros and cons of reusable and disposable, and I always considered where I was going when I packed. 

For example, disposable diapers are ideal if you’re doing a one-day trip to the beach. At the same time, reusable diapers are handy on a trip where you don’t want to go through a whole pack of disposable swim diapers. 

The best reusable swim diapers are gentle on your baby’s bum while keeping solid waste out of the pool. On the other hand, the best disposable swim diaper makes it easy to change your baby and get on the road. 

However, reusable swim diapers are environmentally friendly and cost-effective over time, which is helpful if you’re in the water frequently. 

Materials and Comfort

If your little one is swimming, you want them to feel comfortable. Like regular diapers, you don’t want swim diapers too tight, where they feel restrictive. 

Swim diapers typically have a waterproof outer layer and an extra layer of protection on the interior. Your baby’s swim diaper should fit snugly but not dig into their legs or waist. 

Designs and Styles

There are various swim diaper designs and styles, regardless of whether you choose disposable or reusable swim diapers. However, finding a stylish swim diaper removes the need for a bathing suit. Who knew picking out a swim diaper could be a fashion event?


Are swim diapers necessary for all water activities or only for swimming pools?

You should put your baby in a swim diaper for all water activities since you don’t want them pooping, even in a kiddie pool. If your little one frequently plays with water, investing in reusable swim diapers is probably a good idea. 

In addition, if your child takes swimming lessons and isn’t potty trained, they should wear a swim diaper in the water. 

How often should I change my child’s swim diaper during a beach or pool outing?

You should change your child’s swim diaper anytime they poop. Otherwise, your little one can stay in the swim diaper until you are finished swimming. However, it’s best to check your little one’s swim diaper every 30–60 minutes to ensure it’s clean.


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2022, April 2). Poop in the Pool. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Best Swim Diapers

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