Are you tired of being tired? Many babies keep their parents up at night, but there are proven solutions to help your child learn to sleep on their own and through the night, so you can get a good night's sleep too!

Mother holding her new born baby boy.

Sleep, Special Needs

Sleep Regimen for Premature Babies: Special Considerations

It can take premature babies much longer than their full-term peers to sleep for long stretches. A preemie sleep schedule may encourage better sleep.

Close up portrait of newborn cute caucasian baby girl or boy in hands of mother putting to sleep at night.


Mastering the Bedtime Routine: 3 Tips for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

From around six weeks, a newborn bedtime routine can help your baby learn the difference between day and night and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

A happy mother holding her newborn baby after giving birth in the hospital.


4 Soothing Techniques for Fussy Sleepers: From Swaddling to White Noise

Is your newborn fussy at night? From gentle bedtime routines to soothing sounds, creating a tranquil environment helps newborn babies sleep peacefully.

A woman is breastfeeding a baby.

Breastfeeding, Sleep

Sleep and Breastfeeding: A Comprehensive Guide for Nursing Moms

Many people assume breastfeeding and sleep training don’t go together, but it is possible to help your baby sleep better while continuing your breastfeeding journey.

Mother and authistic daughter sleeping together on a sofa in living room at home.

Autism, Sleep

Autism and Sleep: Strategies to Improve Bedtime for Your Child

Autism and sleep problems often go together. Improving sleep can help your child be less irritable and learn better and reduce stress in your home.

Parents lying on bed comforting crying baby.


The Baby Witching Hour Survival Guide for New Parents

Does your baby seem to go through a period of fussiness and crying in the evenings? It may be the baby witching hour. Learn how to survive it here!

Portrait of caring mother kissing child with down syndrome at bedtime.

Autism, Sleep

9 Tips for Sleep Training a Child With Autism

When sleep training a child with autism, it’s helpful to eliminate background noises and unnecessary noises, along with establishing a solid bedtime routine.

Exhausting parenthood.


Teething and Sleep Training: 5 Tips for Tired Parents

Navigate the challenges of teething and sleep training with tips that will help you maintain sleep routines and conquer teething pain. Read more here!

Mother sitting on her bed looking down at her baby sleeping in his cot.


Sleep Training While Room Sharing: How To Make It Work

Sleep training is no walk in the park under any circumstances. If you’re sleep training while room sharing, this guide's got you covered!

Little boy lies near his mom resting on the bed.


When To Start Sleep Training Your Baby

Knowing when to start sleep training your baby makes all the difference. You should adjust your sleep training method based on your baby's age and needs.

Newborn twins sleeping.


9 Tips for Sleep Training Twins

Sleep training twins helps them fall asleep independently, stay asleep, and sync their sleep cycles, ensuring a peaceful night for the entire family.

Newborn crying boy.


Sleep Training Regression: 7 Tips To Get Back on Track

Back to broken nights even after sleep training? Check out our guide to getting over sleep regression so everyone in your family can get back to sleep.

Young beautiful mother, breastfeeding her newborn.

Breastfeeding, Sleep

Sleep Training a Breastfed Baby: Is Nursing To Sleep Okay?

If you’re breastfeeding, you may wonder if you can try sleep training a breastfed baby. Will you need to wean or can breastfed babies learn to self soothe?

Newborn baby crying on the bed.


Why Do Babies Cry in Their Sleep? Here Are 5 Reasons

Occasional crying while asleep is a normal feature of active sleep for many babies. Learn why babies cry in their sleep and what you can do about it here.

Asian beautiful mom motherhood lie down nursing hug newborn baby infant toddler.


Sleep Training Your Baby: What Parents Need To Know

There are a lot of moving parts when sleep training your baby. Don’t miss out on all the critical information here that’ll lead to sleep training success!

Rachel's daughters snuggled safely in their Safety Sleeper bed.

Sleep, Special Needs

How The Safety Sleeper® Transformed My Family (And Saved My Daughter From Getting Trapped At Night)

After a terrible experience with another special needs bed, Rachel finds that the Safety Sleeper bed solves all her bedtime woes!

Baby sleeps in bed with lighting moon and soft toys in the night.


What Color Light Is Best for Baby Sleep?

There are many gorgeous night lights available for your baby’s nursery. Some lights can impact your baby’s sleep, so choosing the right color is important.

Japanese cute baby and a heart.


Why Is My Newborn Laughing in Their Sleep?

A newborn laughing in sleep is generally considered a harmless physiological phenomenon. Rarely, it can be a sign of sleep disturbances or neurological disorders.

Sweet newborn baby girl sleeping in white bed.


Newborn Snoring: Is it Normal or Not?

In most cases, noisy breathing or baby snoring is considered normal. At-home remedies are available to help a baby who is snoring.

mother holding and talking with her newborn baby on a bed.


Newborn Not Sleeping? Try These 35 Tips

Sleep deprivation is typical for new parents. Here are tips and tricks that will have you and your newborn sleeping more in no time.

Cute baby sleeping.


Why Is My Baby Constantly Moving While Sleeping?

Babies are born with an immature brain and nervous system, which can lead to frequent movement during sleep. Find out what’s typical for a sleeping baby.

Close Up Of Father Holding Newborn Baby Son In Nursery.


Do Newborns Dream? If So, About What?

Newborns don’t dream in the same way as adults, but they experience brain development during deep sleep. Find out what goes through a baby’s brain while they sleep.

Sleepy toddler child crying in a bed after waking up or before going to sleep


A 2-Year-Old Sleep Regression Guide for Tired Toddlers

The 2-year-old sleep regression causes disruptions to otherwise solid sleep patterns because of teething, developmental milestones, separation anxiety, and significant life changes.

A cat next to a crib under a plaid.


How to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Baby’s Crib & Bassinet

Cats love warm and cozy places like your baby’s bassinet. Using a cat cover for your bassinet and these tips will keep your baby safe.