Are you tired of being tired? Many babies keep their parents up at night, but there are proven solutions to help your child learn to sleep on their own and through the night, so you can get a good night's sleep too!

LIttle boy napping.

Potty Training, Sleep

Potty Training at Nap Time: 11 Tips for Success

Are you just about to start potty training and wondering what to do about naps? Here are 11 amazing tips that’ll make the process fun and easy.

yawning baby


How to Help Your Overtired Baby Fall Asleep

Overtiredness sets your baby’s body into overdrive and becomes a cycle that is difficult to break. We'll give you tips to break the cycle!

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Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep!

There are many reasons why a baby won't sleep. We've compiled five reasons why a baby might not sleep. Following each sleep problem is a sleep solution and hopefully you'll...

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The Safety Sleeper: A Versatile and Safe Special Needs Bed Solution

The Safety Sleeper is a customizable, fully enclosed special needs bed that is appropriate for both home and travel use.

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Chair Method Sleep Training: A Guide for Sleepy Parents

Chair method sleep training is a gentle sleep training technique that gradually teaches your baby to sleep on their own.

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The Pick Up Put Down Method: A Gentle Sleep Training Guide

The Pick Up Put Down sleep training method can help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer without the need to to cry it out.

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How to Help Your Overstimulated Baby Fall Asleep

Learn how to recognize if you have an overstimulated baby and find strategies to help them calm down and fall asleep.

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Sleep Training with the Ferber Method

Probably the most reliable, though not uncontroversial, way to get your baby to sleep through the night is the Ferber sleep training method.

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Is Potty Training at Night Worth It?

It’s normal for nighttime potty training to happen after daytime training, but you can help your child learn to stay dry at night.

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Help! My Baby Won’t Stay in the Crib at Night!

A question from a mom in the WonderBaby community: My 2 year old has become an escape artist! She is climbing out of her crib at night. What can I...

Ivan sleeping in his new bed

Sleep, Special Needs

Getting a Special Needs Bed Funded Through Insurance

Does your child need a special bed in order to be safe at night? Special needs beds can be prohibitively expensive, so most of us require our insurance to cover...

Ivan asleep in his travel bed

Sleep, Special Needs

The Perfect Special Needs Travel Bed

Traveling with a special needs child can be difficult for many reasons, but the biggest issue for us has been finding a safe way for our child to sleep while...

standalone bed with sides and top

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Creative Care Safe Spaces: Beds and Sensory Spaces for Special Needs Kids

This company based in the UK makes solidly constructed spaces and beds to keep special needs children safe in their rooms.

Blue vinyl safe space looks like a mini room

Autism, Behavior, Sleep

SafeSpaces: Safe Rooms and Safe Beds for Kids with Special Needs

SafeSpaces custom makes living and sleeping spaces for children with special needs, such as autism or other issues. These spaces can be beds or entire rooms that are safe and...


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SAMi: Sleep Monitor that Detects Seizures

The SAMi is a new device that lets parents monitor children with sleep issues while not having to be right in the room themselves. It’s an infrared device that is...

Ivan in his bed

Autism, Behavior, Sleep

3 Tips for Choosing Pajamas for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

Is night time a nightmare? Here are 3 tips for choosing the best pajamas for kids with autism or sensory processing disorders (SPD).

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Sleep, Visual Impairment

Developing Your Blind Child’s Sleep Schedule

LeAndra writes about her daughter's Circadian Rhythm Disorder (CRD), also called Non-24 Disorder. CRD kept Abby from sleeping for years. LeAndra researched solutions and shares them with you!

SleepSafe Beds

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SleepSafe Beds: Beautiful Safe Beds for Special Needs Kids

SleepSafe Beds are the perfect choice for children who need a large bed with high sides. These beds are sturdy and strong and well-padded for safety. They come with many...


Are you the Parent of a Blind Child? Do You Need Some Sleep?

This webcast from Perkins School for the Blind is all about creating effective sleep strategies to help young children with vision impairments learn to sleep on a proper schedule.

Mom with Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

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Choosing the Best Portable Crib for Your Baby

How to choose the best travel crib for your baby without waisting your time or your money. We'll show you how to make your dollar really count when buying a...