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Internet, family and parents doing research on down syndrome with baby on a laptop in their house.


7 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Busy Parents

Has life seemed extra busy lately? Use the best ChatGPT prompts to seek advice, save time, and focus on what’s important.

Upset mother having problem with noisy naughty daughter jumping on couch and screaming.

Behavior, Parenting

Help! I Have No Patience for My ADHD Child

Parenting a child with ADHD requires a lot of patience and understanding. If you’re looking for techniques for keeping your cool, have a look at our guide.

Mother obsessed with control practicing helicopter parenting style.

Development, Parenting

Distal and Proximal Parenting: Understanding the Difference

Understanding the history, differences, and strengths of proximal and distal parenting will help you decide what parenting approaches work best for your family.

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Healing Young Hearts: Children’s Books Guiding Through Grief

Children’s books can help you and your kids get through sad and difficult times. We’ve found some of the most healing books about grief for kids.

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10 Stay at Home Mom Motivation Boosters To Keep You Going

Staying motivated as a stay-at-home mom isn't easy when you're responsible for so much. But these motivation boosters are sure to keep you going!

Crying little boy asks his mother's candy.


What’s the Difference Between a Tantrum and a Meltdown?

Wondering if your child is having a tantrum or a meltdown? Read this article to know the difference between these emotional outbursts!

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Parenting, Play, Tactile Arts and Crafts

Affirmation Backpack Buddy Keychains

These affirmation backpack buddy keychains are adorable and easy to make. Give your child a little encouragement with this simple craft as they head to school.

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When To Stop Using a High Chair

Many children are ready to stop using a high chair between 2–3 years old and can begin transitioning to a normal chair or booster seat at that time.

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Finding Purpose as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Finding purpose as a stay-at-home mom allows you to take time for yourself, set personal goals, build a supportive network, and foster your hobbies and interests.

Happy mother changing the diaper of her baby at home on a changing table.


When To Stop Using a Changing Table

Most babies outgrow changing tables when they reach 30 pounds or if they are too tall for the changing table.

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Development, Parenting

Responsive Parenting: Building Strong Bonds with Your Child

Responsive parenting raises well-adjusted kids by combining appropriate expectations with high levels of emotional support. Learn how to be a responsive parent.

Asian mother talking with the daughter.

Development, Parenting

Inductive Discipline: Nurturing Your Child’s Self-Discipline

Inductive discipline aids child development, encourages empathy, and promotes prosocial behavior. Learn more about this popular parenting technique here.

A beautiful mother teaches teaches her little son how to swim in the pool.


The Essential Guide to Baby Swim Lessons

Baby swim lessons don’t have to be intimidating, especially when you've got all the right information. Don't miss this essential guide to baby swim lessons!

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Unlocking the Magic of Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness for kids teaches self-compassion, resilience, and emotional intelligence. With mindfulness, your kids will be better able to handle the tough days.

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How To Make a Chore Chart That Actually Works

A family chore chart helps children learn independence and responsibility, instills positive work ethics, and teaches accountability. Learn how to make one here.

Mom playing and breastfeeding her toddler boy on board of aircraft, going on holiday.


The Ultimate Survival Guide for Traveling With a Baby

Traveling with a baby? This ultimate survival guide has everything you need to keep your trip running smoothly.

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11 Surprising Benefits of Babywearing

The benefits of babywearing are astounding! Here’s why babywearing could benefit you and your baby.

Portrait of cheerful positive parents playing with kids in modern white apartments.


Top 4 Parenting Styles Explained

There are four main types of parenting styles; authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful. Which is the best, and how do you master it?

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17 Dude-Friendly Diaper Party Ideas for Dads-to-Be

Don’t forget to celebrate the father-to-be too! Throw an awesome diaper party with these dude-friendly diaper party ideas for dads-to-be.

Mom is angry to her gadgets addicted teenage daughter.

Health & Nutrition, Parenting

Digital Detox: 7 Tips To Unplug and Connect With Your Kids

A digital detox is a great way to increase family time and decrease everyone’s dependence on screens. Read our guide to jumpstart your family’s detox.

Adoptive family meeting with social worker.

Adoption and Foster Care

Are You Qualified to Be a Foster or Adoptive Parent?

Foster parents support children in need of a safe and caring temporary home. Find out if you’re qualified or what disqualifies you from being a foster parent.

A closeup photo of an adorable indian toddler baby boy smiling with dimple in cheeks and standing inside a playpen.


Should You Buy a Used Pack ‘N Play?

Is it safe to buy a used pack ‘n play? You can spend a small fortune on baby products, so used items can save you money, but not all are...

Pregnant woman holding diaper cake for her unborn boy.


Diaper Raffle Ultimate How-To Guide

What’s a diaper raffle? A fun baby shower game where guests bring baby diapers for a chance to win prizes! Here’s how to set up and play the diaper raffle...

Teething caucasian blonde baby girl playing with a plastic comb in a playard playpen.


How To Clean a Pack ‘N Play Mattress Quickly & Safely

Your pack 'n play gets so much use, and your baby loves it, but what's the best way to clean the mattress? Check out our guide to safe and easy...