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Breast milk frozen in storage bag and baby lying on background.


How Long Is Warmed Breast Milk Good for?

The facts around storing, thawing, and knowing how long to keep warmed breast milk are important to keep your baby safe. We’re here to support you in knowing those facts.

Happy infant baby boy using training Bumbo seat to sit up.


What Ages Are Safe for a Bumbo Seat?

While the suggested Bumbo seat age is between 3 and 12 months, we dig a little deeper into why it might be better to wait until your baby is a...

Concentrated mother during breastfeeding her baby.


How Many Calories Are in Breast Milk?

Learn all about breast milk. We break down the nutrients and how many calories are in breast milk, along with tips on how to make your milk even more nutritious!

Mother breastfeeding newborn baby in white bed.


Do You Need To Make Your Breast Milk Fattier?

Breast milk fats are essential for your baby’s growth and development. Find out how much fat is in breast milk so your child will always get the right amount of...

Pain and problems in a woman while breastfeeding a baby.


Mastitis vs Thrush: How to Spot the Difference

Knowing the difference between mastitis and thrush will help you choose the best treatment plan. With proper treatment, you should be able to continue breastfeeding.

Asian pretty mother pumping breast milk on the bed in bedroom.


When and How to Stop Pumping Your Breast Milk

When you and your baby are ready to wean from pumping breast milk, it's important to do it slowly. Weaning too fast can cause mastitis and painful engorgement.

Baby breastfed for breast milk, alternative maternity concept.


How to Get Rid of a Clogged Milk Duct

For breastfeeding moms, dealing with a clogged milk duct can be painful. Learn how to prevent and relieve blocked ducts to keep your milk flowing and your baby happy.

Breast milk frozen in plastic storage bags for baby.


Can You Refreeze Breast Milk?

You’ve probably heard that you can’t refreeze thawed breastmilk. However. there are conditions under which it is safe to refreeze milk.

Mother breastfeeding baby on a bench in the Park.


Watery Breast Milk? 4 Possible Causes (& Solutions)

Watery breast milk is common and usually not something to worry about. If you produce watery milk, emptying the breast with each feeding will help.

Mother eating a protein snack.


5 Protein-Rich Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding moms need optimal nutrition to keep their milk production up. These protein-rich snacks are a great way to meet your nutrition needs.

Breastfeeding of newborn.


Handling Forceful Letdown and Breast Milk Oversupply

Better understand the problems associated with forceful letdown and milk oversupply and learn straightforward tips to manage this breastfeeding issue.

A young woman holds a newborn baby in her arms and breastfeeds.


Power Pumping Tips to Increase Milk Supply

If you’re looking to increase your milk supply, power pumping is a safe and effective option. WE'll show you how to get started with power pumping.

Manual breast pump with milk, mother and baby at background.


Bubbles in Breast Milk: Should I Be Concerned?

Bubbles in breast milk can form as a result of how it’s handled, the letdown reflex, how it’s stored, soap residue, or malfunctions with your breast pump.

Mother is decently breastfeeding her baby sitting on a sofa with a breast pump on it.


How to Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping

Breastfeeding and pumping do not have to be exclusive of one another, as long as you know how to combine breastfeeding and pumping.

Asian mother is breastfeeding baby girl on the grass field.


When Is It Too Late to Start Breastfeeding?

When is it too late to start breastfeeding? Whether you stopped breastfeeding and want to begin again, or this is all totally new to you, we’ve got the answer

Adorable newborn baby using a pacifier and wearing a pink onesie.


When Do Babies Stop Wearing Onesies?

The answer to when do babies stop wearing onesies is a personal one. We’ve rounded up the main issues to help you make the right decision for you and your...

A little girl washing a window.


How to Make a Chore List Your Child Will Love

The right kind of chore chart holds the potential to transform kids’ pessimistic attitudes about chores into an optimistic mindset!

Young mother with their newborn baby near bed cot


Bassinet vs Crib: What’s the Difference?

Which is the better choice in the bassinet vs crib decision? We’ve got all the facts so you can decide on the right sleeping space for your newborn.

Puttting a nursing pad in the nursing bra


How Often Do I Need to Change Breast Pads?

We’ve rounded up all the information you need to make the best decision for changing your breast pads along with your feeding journey.

New born baby boy resting in mothers arms


The Ultimate Newborn Checklist: What You Need & How Much

Our ultimate newborn checklist helps you find all the baby items (and how many) you’ll need for bedtime, feeding, changing, and just about everything else.

Asian millennial mother breast feeding her baby.


When Does Cluster Feeding End?

Cluster feeding can seem like a never-ending cycle of baby feeding and sleep deprivation. Fortunately, it's only a phase and does pass eventually.

Young pregnant woman with glass of milk in the room.

Health & Nutrition, Parenting

Can I Drink Ensure While Pregnant?

While Ensure can promote health, you’ll want to make sure you understand the ingredients and the quantities that are right for you.

Empty Mini Fridge

Breastfeeding, Product Reviews

7 Best Mini Fridges for Storing Breast Milk of 2022

Portable mini fridges are an ideal solution for storing breast milk. Their compact size fits small spaces with enough room to hold a good amount of milk bottles or bags.

Happy infant baby in a bassinet.

Parenting, Sleep

Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep in a Bassinet

Your baby won’t sleep in a bassinet? Don’t fret! Here are tips to get your little one to sleep in their bassinet so you can get some sleep too.