Find resources to help you on your parenting journey, including advice on fostering multi-generational relationships and how to find peace as the caregiver of a special needs child.

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Pinterest for parents of blind children

Parenting, Special Needs

21 Pinterest Boards All Parents of Blind Kids MUST Follow!

Pinterest is one of the best ways for a parent of a child with special needs to find what they need on the internet. Here are my favorite Pinterest boards...

Ivan reading the book

Parenting, Special Needs

What to Read When you Learn your Baby is Blind

A list of books (and videos) that parents of blind & visually impaired children should read (and watch). We've listed only the best of the best here so you can...


Parenting, Special Needs

16 things that have helped me as the parent of a child with special medical needs

My son Jaxon was born with bilateral corneal clouding. We have been through a lot with this little man and I wrote a blog post about some of the things...

Bridge with knee extensions


14 Back Exercises for Caregivers

Caring for a disabled child can be stressful in many ways, but have you given much thought to how you might be placing stress on your back? Learn 14 exercises...

child on an airplane

Parenting, Special Needs

Traveling with a Child who is Medically Complex

Traveling with a child who is medically complex can be difficult. Not only do you have all the normal travel woes, but there's medications, medical equipment and emergencies to prepare...

stack of papers

Parenting, Special Needs

How to Stay Organized when Raising a Special Needs Child

If you're the parent of a child with medical complexities you're probably feeling pretty stressed. Catherine gives you advice on how to keep your medical records organized so you can...

Kekoa helps Oliana open a present

Parenting, Special Needs

Growing up with a special needs sister

Shannon Gardner writes about her son, Kekoa, and his relationship with his younger sister Oliana, who is blind. She writes about how it can be difficult to have a disabled...

Ethan & Naomi

Parenting, Special Needs

Teamwork: The Special (Needs) Family

John Bateman writes about the importance of including all your kids in all activities. When you have a child with special needs it may seem appropriate to keep their activities...

Skylar Covich

Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Parenting

Dear parents of young children with LCA

Frank Covich writes about his son, Skylar, who was diagnosed with LCA as a baby. Frank wants other parents to understand that the sky is the limit for kids with...

balanced stones

Parenting, Support

Hopeful Acceptance: Finding the Right Balance as a Special Needs Parent

What are the words of encouragement you wan to hear? One dad shares his balanced approach, advising both hope and acceptance.

a family arguing depicted on finger art

Parenting, Support

Maintaining your relationship when you have a disabled child

Mary McDonach explores the high incidence of divorce among parents raising a disabled child. She advises devoting energy to your relationship plan in order to keep the partnership of parenting...



“So Dad, When Can I Go Surfing?” Letting Your Blind Child Experience Adventures in the World

Eric Vasiliauskas writes about encouraging independence and exploration in your blind children.

nursing baby

Parenting, Special Needs

Breastfeeding & Bonding with Your Visually Impaired Infant

Breast feeding a baby can be difficult, especially if they have a vision impairment. Learn about your options when choosing to nurse a blind or visually impaired baby.

A kid in his car seat

Parenting, Product Reviews

Help! I Need a Car Seat for My Toddler!

Learn how to choose a toddler car seat or booster seat based on your child's weight and height and check out our favorite seats for older kids.

little girl laughing on a bed

Parenting, Special Needs

Creating Lasting Memories with your Visually Impaired Child

We've got some great creative ways to make lasting memories to share with your child as they grow. These ideas are great for parents of blind children.

crying girl

Parenting, Special Needs

Bullying: A Parent’s Perspective on Raising a Blind Child

Are you worried your blind child may have trouble fitting in with their sighted peers? We'll give you some advice to help you keep your kid bully free!

Ivan with his parents in 2006

Parenting, Support

Raising a Blind Child

Here you'll find a step-by-step resource guide with the most pertinent articles and resources for parents of blind or disabled babies.

Letting Your Child's Wild Side Out

Parenting, Special Needs

Letting Your Blind Child’s Wild Side Out

Milagro is an active growing five year-old who is also visually impaired. Her self-confidence and adventurous spirit is no accident. Her mother Graciela believes in letting a child's wild side...

rubber duck in pool

Parenting, Special Needs

Swimming with a Child Who is Visually Impaired

Has your child ever done something so amazing that you felt like you were about to pop with pride? Mary tells the story of how her daughter learned to swim,...

mom watching baby crawl

Parenting, Special Needs

Yes You Can! How to encourage your blind child without pushing too hard

Have you ever thought about all the things your child *can't* do because of their disability? It can be depressing, but one way to get over that is to figure...


A Miracle Baby: Abigail’s Story

Read the story of Abigail's birth and how her parents reacted to finding out that she was blind.

mom looking at baby in crib


The Little Princess: Paige’s Story

Read the story of Jade's pregnancy, the birth of her little princess, Paige, and how she reacted to finding out that she was blind.