Peelaways Disposable Bed Sheets Review

Woman changing sheets on a bed.

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Supporting a special needs child who is incontinent at night can be a difficult and frustrating task for parents. Those late night wake up calls and rushed trips to the bathroom can be exhausting, not to mention the leaks, soiled sheets, and multiple loads of laundry that come with the territory.

It’s essential to be patient and understanding with your child, but the repetitive process of bed wetting, changing clothes, changing sheets, and loading the washing machine can really take a toll!

If you are dealing with regularly wet beds, you know how hard this can be. Finding the right pull-ups for older bedwetters can help, but even the best-fitting pull-up will result in leaks and dirty sheets.

Is there any way to make this just a little bit easier?

PEELAWAYS Waterproof Disposable Bed Sheets
  • Durable & long lasting: Each pack of disposable sheets for travel can be used for 7-10 days, and each pack lasts up to 50 days, making it perfect for caregivers who are looking for bed pads for incontinence. Twin XL Size: 5 Layers of 80″ x 39″ x 9″
  • Convenient & easy clean up: Perfect for managing incontinence, bed wetting, and other nighttime leaks. These hospital bed sheets are perfect for homecare centers, health care centers, hospitals, PGs, potty trainers, campers, RVs, truck drivers, travelers, AirBnB hosts, and more.
  • Waterproof & Safe: Provides maximum bedding protection for a peaceful sleep. The 2-in-1 barrier technology will protect your mattress from spills and accidents, making it a great option as an elderly care product.
  • Hypoallergenic & breathable: Made from a blend of bamboo, rayon, and polyester fibers for optimum strength, absorption and softness. The surface is design to not interfere with the current feel of your mattress, and the hypoallergenic breathable membrane material will not sleep hot or make noise, ensuring you have a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Minimize Mess with Waterproof Disposable Sheets

I first heard about disposable bed sheet covers when they were mentioned in a special needs Facebook group. I was not optimistic! Bed sheets that you can throw out when soiled? That sounds unlikely!

Peelaways (also called Camp-A-Peel for twin-sized beds) are layered disposable sheets that are billed as completely waterproof, and you can just “peel off” a layer of sheets when it becomes wet. 

Peelaways package and placing the sheets on the bed.

Despite my pessimism, I saved the post so I could come back later. I saw that someone had commented that they really worked, so I decided to give them a try, and I ordered one package from Amazon. Worst case scenario, I’m out a few bucks, right?

I have tried so many mattress protectors over the years that I’ve lost count. Many years ago, I even bought one of those expensive mattress covers that they “guarantee” will not leak through, only to find leaks and mess. Even the replacement they sent me, not surprisingly, didn’t change the outcome at all.

Eventually, I had no choice but to replace the mattress, and this time I got a plastic cover for it that is at least saving the mattress from getting stained and ruined.

Over that plastic cover, I still have that expensive mattress cover which is softer to sleep on, then two or three incontinence pads, followed by the regular bed sheet. With this arrangement, the mattress may be spared and dry, but I’m still stuck with washing it all (the bed sheet, three pads, the soft mattress cover, and of course, the blanket) more times a week than I would like to count.

My pessimism when I ordered the Peelaways package didn’t change even when the product arrived, and I covered the bed sheet. I still didn’t think it would work to keep the bed sheet under it dry.

It didn’t take long, though, for me to admit I was wrong. The very next morning, the top layer of the Peelaway disposable bed sheet was wet, and when I easily tore off the top wet layer, the layer underneath was completely dry!

Peeling the top layer of sheets from the Peelaways.

I have to admit I was extremely impressed and surprised by the results. The bed sheet is soft and comfortable and doesn’t seem to bother my son at all, and as long as it stays in place, it doesn’t let anything leak through!

Each bed cover comes with three to seven layers, depending on the mattress size (twin, twin-XL, queen, or king). We are using the one with five layers, which for us lasts about a week. I quickly ordered another package and, about a week later, subscribed to start getting four sent to us every month (use code WONDER15 to get 15% off)!

I can testify that our Peelaways have been tested thoroughly many times, and sometimes I even see a “pee puddle” on it, but surprisingly nothing leaks through! All it takes is to carefully peel off that layer and voila – dry bed!

So yes, the blanket is still wet, and I would still like a solution for that. I contacted the Peelaway customer service, and they promised me they are working on that as well. 

Sometimes if the Peelaway cover doesn’t stay in place (my son moves around a lot at night), then I am back at square one, but saving the need to change all the sheets and remake the bed 90% of the time is totally worth it!

Peel Aways Disposable Bed Sheets

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