Feeding and Eating

Discover how to help young children learn self-feeding skills, which types of foods are best for different developmental levels and how to create nutritional diets even with dietary restrictions.

Young girl drinking a pumpkin spice latte.

Feeding and Eating

Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Spice “Not-a-Latte”

Who says kids can’t enjoy the pumpkin spice latte craze? This Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Spice “Not-a-Latte” recipe is delicious and fun to make.

Asian woman making healthy food salad.

Feeding and Eating

Avoiding Cross-Contamination for Kids With Food Allergies

Preventing exposure to food allergens through cross-contact can be done successfully through thoughtful planning and careful food preparation.

The baby who drinks milk.

Feeding and Eating

Why Your Hungry Baby Keeps Pushing Their Bottle Away

If your baby pushes the bottle away but seems hungry, you’re likely desperate for them to finish their milk. Is this normal behavior or a sign something is up?

Happy mother and daughter reading nutrition label.

Feeding and Eating

Decoding Food Labels When Your Child Has Food Allergies

Time and practice are necessary to accurately interpret the presence of major food allergens on a product or food label.

Three pumpkin pie cups.

Feeding and Eating

No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Cups

These No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Cups make a great after-school snack or after-dinner treat! They’re easy to make ahead of time and have ready to grab in the fridge.

A young mother and her little daughter cooking.

Feeding and Eating

Cooking for Kids With Severe Food Allergies

Label reading and thoughtful food preparation are important when cooking for a child with severe food allergies.

Group of children in masquerade costumes paint gingerbread for the halloween holiday at home in the kitchen.

Feeding and Eating

Celebrating Halloween With Food Allergies

Food allergies can be safely managed during Halloween with care and thoughtful planning. Enjoy the spirit of the season safely with this guide!

Shot of happy young mother feeding her cute baby girl with a banana in the kitchen at home.

Feeding and Eating

What Are the Best Fruits for Babies?

Introducing your baby to solids is equal parts exciting and terrifying. As you choose your baby’s first foods, you’ll probably want to know which are the best fruits for babies.

Peanut butter cookie bites.

Feeding and Eating

Healthy Peanut Butter Sprinkle Cookie Bites

These Healthy Peanut Butter Sprinkle Cookie Bites are perfect for picky eaters! With just four ingredients, they’re simple to make.

Mom trying to educate her little one about healthy eating habits.

Feeding and Eating

How To Plan Events for Kids With Food Allergies

With careful planning, kids with food allergies can safely enjoy meals at special events.

Strawberry orange coconut popsicles.

Feeding and Eating

Orange Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

These nutrient-packed Orange Strawberry Coconut Popsicles are vegan, dairy-free, and simple to make! Your kids will love this sweet, healthy summertime treat!

A girl with a tray of food walking into the school cafeteria.

Feeding and Eating, Special Needs

Managing Food Allergies at School: A Comprehensive Guide

Students with food allergies require consistency from all school team members to avoid severe reactions and maintain a safe environment.

Happy child eats vegetables sitting at table in nursery.

Feeding and Eating

17 Delicious Vegan Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Looking for vegan snacks for kids that aren’t boring? These delicious plant-based ideas will delight your child and keep them full.

Happy family enjoying weekend breakfast together.

Feeding and Eating

17 Creative Meal Ideas to Entice Your Picky Eater Toddler

Looking for picky eater toddler ideas for mealtimes? These meals are sure to entice your little one to the table.

Keto food.

Feeding and Eating, Health & Nutrition, Special Needs

Does the Ketogenic Diet Work for Kids with Epilepsy?

If your child has epilepsy, a ketogenic diet may reduce their seizures. Learn everything you need to know about a keto diet in this guide.

Young woman breastfeeding her baby in bedroom.

Feeding and Eating

Can You Overfeed a Newborn Baby?

While it’s rare to overfeed a newborn baby, some babies occasionally drink too much milk. Overfeeding can make your baby feel sick to their stomach.

Girl is blowing her nose, allergic to flour.

Feeding and Eating

9 Tips for Managing Food Allergies in Kids

Keep your child safe from an allergic reaction by reading labels carefully, educating your child and their caretakers, and always having epinephrine nearby.

A cute little boy in a yellow T-shirt makes himself a fruit smoothie in the kitchen.

Feeding and Eating, Health & Nutrition

Easy & Nutritious Snacks for Kids To Make Themselves

Instill important values while also taking one less chore off your plate by teaching your kids to make these nutritious, easy snacks by themselves.

Portrait of baby girl getting vaccine drops.

Feeding and Eating, Product Reviews

The 5 Best Gas Drops for Babies in 2023

The best baby gas drops relieve excessive gas due to swallowed air, crying, feeding issues, or food intolerance. See which one tops our list.

Young mother try to feeding a toddler boy with a spoon in a chair.

Feeding and Eating, Health & Nutrition

What to Feed a Toddler With Diarrhea (and What Not to!)

When your child has diarrhea, it is best to feed them easy-to-digest, low-fiber foods. Find out what you can feed a toddler with diarrhea, so they can feel better.

A plate guard makes for a more successful meal!

Feeding and Eating, Special Needs

Reusable Food Guards Prevent Spills!

Using a plastic food guard can help your child feed themselves independently while avoiding spills and messes!

Weaning Table

Feeding and Eating

What’s a Montessori Weaning Table (and Do You Need One?)

Wondering if your baby should use a weaning table or high chair? Learn about the benefits of using a Montessori weaning table when introducing solid foods.

Children eat strawberry.

Feeding and Eating

8 Organic Baby Snacks Every Parent Should Know About

Organic foods are free from chemical fertilizers and preservatives. Here are some of the best organic baby snacks for your little one to try!

Healthy family breakfast for mother and kids.

Feeding and Eating

17 Healthy Toddler Meal Ideas That Taste Great Too!

Toddlers can be hard to please at mealtimes. These healthy toddler meal ideas will please even the pickiest eater!