Feeding and Eating

Discover how to help young children learn self-feeding skills, which types of foods are best for different developmental levels and how to create nutritional diets even with dietary restrictions.

Mother spoon-feeds her child.

Feeding and Eating

9 Healthy Baby Breakfast Ideas for Hungry Munchkins

Whether you’re using traditional or baby-led weaning, these healthy baby breakfast ideas will give your hungry little one a great start to the day.

Toddler refused to use a pacifier.

Feeding and Eating

Help! My Baby Won’t Take a Pacifier

Why does your baby refuse to take a pacifier? How to safely use a pacifier with your baby and get them to take it and keep it in.

Little girl with special needs making her own breakfast.

Feeding and Eating, Special Needs

Developing Self-Care Skills in Children with Disabilities

Mastering self-care skills can be especially empowering for children with disabilities, helping them to gain independence and confidence.

Young mother feeding her baby from bottle in bed at night.

Feeding and Eating, Sleep

How to Wean Your Baby Off Their Bottle at Night

Getting enough sleep is something all parents yearn for. Knowing how to wean your baby off their night bottle is probably at the top of your priority list.

Cute little girl sitting in baby chair and drinking water.

Development, Feeding and Eating

Developing Oral Motor Skills in Children

Oral motor skills develop throughout your child’s first two years of life. Wondering what to expect? Our list of skills by age will help keep you informed.

Daddy cleaning up baby's nose.

Feeding and Eating

Help! Milk is Coming Out Of My Baby’s Nose!

Babies’ spit-up flows out fairly gently without causing too much distress while vomit is forcefully expelled by stomach muscles contracting.

Couple burping their son.

Feeding and Eating

Help! My Baby Won’t Burp!

Burping babies isn’t foolproof, and you might find that your baby won’t burp! It could be that they just don’t need to.

colorful thick drinks

Feeding and Eating, Health & Nutrition

Thickened Liquids: What is it, Who Needs it and Will Insurance Pay for it?

If your child has problems swallowing, or dysphagia, it can be difficult for them to get thin liquids down the right side of their throat when drinking.

little girl with her Tray Haven

Feeding and Eating

Tray Haven Keeps Everything On Your Child’s Tray

Wouldn't it be great if you could just put up a fence around your child's tray so they couldn't lose their cups and toys? Now you can!

child eating with a spoon

Feeding and Eating, Visual Impairment

Teaching a Blind Child How to Use a Spoon Independently

Tips, ideas and resources for teaching your blind child how to scoop and use a spoon on their own without using hand over hand techniques.


Feeding and Eating, Visual Impairment

What can your blind child learn while baking in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the perfect place to teach your visually impaired child important life lessons. Think about all the things you learn just while making cookies!

smiley face sandwich in a lunch box

Feeding and Eating, Visual Impairment

Making Lunch Time More Fun for Blind Kids

We've rounded up some tips and fun ideas to help you plan ahead to make your child's lunch quick to assemble, plus fun and healthy too!

blue plate and bowl with rounded side and white suction base

Feeding and Eating

Scooper Bowl & Plate with Suction Cup Bases

Ableware sells two assistive dinnerware pieces including the Scooper Bowl with suction cup base to keep it in place and the Scooper Plate, also with a suction cup base.

the blind cook

Feeding and Eating

The Blind Cook is Cooking with Her Four Senses

This video series features blind chef Christine Ha as she demonstrates cooking without sight. The show also offers nutritional tips and other cool food-related information.

Z-Vibe Spoon

Feeding and Eating

Z-Vibe Spoon

The Z-Vibe is a vibrating sensory tool often used in oral-motor stimulation to help kids learn to use their mouths for chewing and eating. The basic Z-Vibe comes with a...

EazyHold grip strap used with children to hold toys, cups and utensils

Feeding and Eating, Fine and Gross Motor

EazyHold Grip Assist Strap

EazyHold is a simple but innovative grip assist strap that easily attaches to tools, toys, utensils and more! It enables children and adults with limited or no grip strength to...

G-Tube Belt

Feeding and Eating

Made with Love 213: G-Tube Belts, Feeding Pump Packets & More

Handmade Clothing, Feeding Tube Accessories, Clothing Accessories, Hair accessories, and Baby gear.

baby eating

Feeding and Eating

10 Things You Should Know about Feeding Therapy

Frienship Circle's article on feeding therapy includes where to find help, assessment and therapy, as well as the family dynamics of it all, and the big one - patience!

Boon Snug

Feeding and Eating

Boon Snug Sippy Cups and Straw Cups

Cool cup lids make any adult glass into a spill-proof glass for kids. Just snap on the lid, add a straw and you're ready to go!

lime green divided dish on mat

Feeding and Eating

Ez Pz: Easy clean dish and mat in one

A divided dish and table mat in one, these silicone plates are easy to stack, store and clean, and come in all sorts of cool colors.

Adorabelly g-tube covers

Feeding and Eating

Adorabelly Design: whimsical covers for g-tubes

These g-tube covers are unique and whimsical and can be custom-ordered. They're a great way to make your tube-fed child feel happy about their tube.

Happy young children eating

Feeding and Eating

Notube: Special Feeding Counseling for Children with Feeding Tubes

Notube is a company that provides online coaching on how to wean your child off of a feeding tube and onto eating orally. Their approach is clinically based and provides...

messy play

Feeding and Eating

Using Messy Play to Teach Self Feeding Skills

Play time is a great opportunity to practice daily living skills without the pressure of "working" on a skill. Here's an idea to use messy play as a time to...

Liftware Spoon

Feeding and Eating

Liftware Adaptive Cutlery

Adaptive cutlery counteracts hand tremors to make eating easier and less stressful. It was developed by a group of scientists and engineers who wanted to improve overall quality of life...