The Best Braille Toys for Kids Who are Blind

braille blocks, puzzles and buttons

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The best way for any child to learn to read is through constant exposure to the written language… and through play! Sighted children play with alphabet blocks or simple word puzzles when they are young to help develop a foundation for literacy, and blind children have the same opportunities with toys in braille.

Of course you can add braille to almost any toy. All you need is a good braille labeler and a little space on the toy and you’re good to go! But it’s also exciting to find toys specifically designed for kids who are learning (or are already proficient at) braille. Below you’ll find everything from alphabet blocks to raised line coloring pages and activity books to puzzles to card and board games… and so much more! And it’s all in braille ready for your child to play and learn.

Toys Under $10

braille car puzzle

Braille Vehicle Puzzle, $4.95

Each of these wooden puzzles contain five pieces and each piece is labeled in braille to let you know which part of the vehicle you are holding. There are puzzles for a car, boat, motorcycle and airplane.

braille numbers

Braille Magnetic Numbers, $9.95

You know those classic magnetic numbers you used to play with on the refrigerator? These are exactly the same in the same bright colors you remember, but with braille added to each number!

Bingo Board with Braille

Bingo Board with Braille, $9.95

Just like a regular Bingo board, but with braille! A great way to get everyone involved in family game of Bingo. Markers are included with the board.

Toys Under $25

Raised Line and Braille Color-N-Paint Art Book

Raised Line and Braille Color-N-Paint Art Book, $13.99

This spiral-bound book comes with twelve raised-line coloring pages with print and braille text plus a set of 6 watercolor paints. Each page also comes with a page protector.

ENI Cylindrical Puzzle with Braille Markings

ENI Cylindrical Puzzle with Braille Markings, $20.00

These little puzzles fit easily in small hands and are fun because there is no right way to solve them. Move the pieces, make a pattern, line them up or just use it as a fidget. Each piece includes braille too!

Miniland Activity Buttons with Braille

Miniland Activity Buttons with Braille, $19.65

Weave the laces through these brightly colored buttons to create patterns. The buttons are numbered one through five and have the number in print and braille along with the corresponding number of holes for lacing.

Brailled Old Maid Cards

Brailled Old Maid Cards, $21.95

A classic Old Maid card game, but with braille so everyone can play! These cards very much look like the ones I had when I was a kid so they feel very old fashioned.

Brailled Go Fish Cards

Brailled Go Fish Cards, $14.95

A classic Go Fish card game, but with braille so everyone can play! The cards are bright and colorful and easy to read for both print and braille readers.

Brailled UNO Cards

Brailled UNO Cards, $12.97

The classic UNO card game, but with braille so everyone can play! Besides adding braille, these cards are exactly as you remember. The question is … can you play a take 2 card on a take 2 card??

Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks

Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks, $22.95

Uncle Goose wooden blocks are high quality and beautifully designed with classic style. These blocks display the numbers 0-9 in print and braille and the braille is not enlarged, but standard size.

Plan Toys Braille Numbers 1-10

Plan Toys Braille Numbers 1-10, $22.95

Plan braille numbers are not really blocks, but more like plastic tiles. They are still fun to manipulate and line up in different combinations… and this version includes braille!

Sudoku Braille Cube

Sudoku Braille Cube, $22.95

This is a must for sudoku fans! Twist and turn rows of connected boxes to solve the puzzle. Each block is both in bold large print and braille.

Feel 'n Peel Stickers: Braille Reward Statements

Feel ‘n Peel Stickers: Braille Reward Statements, $17.00

Everybody loves stickers, so what about stickers with braille? APH sells a collection of tactile stickers and these Braille Reward Statements can be bought as part of that set or on their own.

Toys Under $50

tropical rainforest paint by number

Tropical Rainforest Paint By Number, $39.00

These coloring pages are printed on heavy paper with thick dark lines that are also deeply embossed. Each page features an animal of the rain forest with its name in both print and braille as well as numbers to guide in coloring each section.

Bananagrams Word Game with Braille Tiles

Bananagrams Word Game with Braille Tiles, $39.95

In Bananagrams, players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles. There’s no turn-taking – it all happens at once and it’s a race to the finish. And this version includes print/braille tiles!

Uncle Goose Braille Alphabet Blocks

Uncle Goose Braille Alphabet Blocks, $40.95

These beautiful handmade blocks are great accompanying the Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks. Each block displays a letter in both print and braille as well as American Sign Language.


Complete Braille Sudoku Set, $49.95

Do you know someone who is a sudoku master? Are you looking for an accessible gift that will get them excited and challenge their skills? Look no further! The Complete Braille Sudoku Set is a sudoku game everyone can play! It’s perfect for blind, low vision and sighted players.

Brain Master Braille Puzzle

Brain Master Braille Puzzle, $49.95

This intriguing puzzle includes braille lettering on each segment to denote the colors. Perplexing fun for the partially sighted, blind or those with vision.

The SENSEsational Braille Alphabet Book

The SENSEsational Braille Alphabet Book, $34.95

This fun and engaging book lets your child feel the different textures of the Horse and Lizard, smell the distinctive aromas of Apples and Roses, move the hands of the Watch and pull the Zipper, all while learning the alphabet and many beginning words in Sign language and braille. Touch the corresponding key pad to hear the letters and words while you read.

Toys Under $100

Braille Scrabble

Braille Scrabble, $57.95

The traditional Scrabble game gets an upgrade with braille tiles, a tactile grid and braille squares on the board and instructions in print and audio cassette. A fully accessible game for sighted and blind players!

Braille Monopoly Board Game

Braille Monopoly Board Game, $99.95

This Monopoly board has a special tactile overlay allowing players to identify spaces and properties. It also includes extra large sized cards with braille and large print and each game space is labeled in braille and in large print.

27 Braille Toys for Kids Who are Blind

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