Nowa Li: Moccasin Socks for Kids (who Hate Shoes)

Ivan wearing his Nowa Li shoes

Notice anything interesting about the picture to the left? If you know Ivan at all, then surely you’re exclaiming right now: “But oh my goodness! He’s wearing shoes!”

That’s right, my little guy is actually wearing (and enjoying) his shoes!

It’s not uncommon for blind or visually impaired children to have extra sensitive hands and feet, and it really makes sense if you think about it. Without the extra information most of us receive through vision, they may find certain textures unpleasant because they just can’t figure them out. Most blind children also use the tactile information they gather through their hands and feet to understand the world around them.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why a blind child may not want to wear shoes or mittens, no matter how cold the weather is outside.

And so the battle begins. Our son scoots around on his bottom and uses his feet as anticipators so he can “see” what he’s coming in contact with before he touches it with his hands. Hard soled shoes prevent his feet from gathering as much information so he simply refuses to wear them. Socks are acceptable, but he gets very upset when they begin to slip down his ankles (as they invariably do).

What’s the solution?

Nowa Li!

Ivan's new shoes.These moccasin/sock combination shoes are perfect for our son! They have soft soles so he can still receive tactile information through them, but his feet are protected more than they are through socks alone and, best yet, they don’t slip off his feet! Plus, we can finally adhere to the “shoes required” rule of our local library and not worry about getting kicked out when they notice our little boy’s bare feet. Even though these moccasins feel like socks they really do look like shoes.

If sensitive feet are an issue for your child and if you’re tired of the “shoe battle,” visit the Nowa Li website and give these wonderful shoes a try!

Now, how do we get him to wear those mittens…

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