Donna Reese, MSN, RN, CSN

Donna is an experienced nurse practitioner and RN specializing in pediatric nursing and writing about kids’ health issues. She has worked as a school nurse and pediatric nurse for over 2 decades in inpatient and outpatient settings. In addition, Donna has worked in a community health clinic as a family nurse practitioner, where she treated children and adults and provided emergency care for all ages.

She obtained her BSN from Bloomsburg University and family nurse practitioner (MSN) from Widener University. She is also a certified school nurse (CSN).

Donna has written for numerous parenting sites to provide accurate and knowledgeable health information for those in the child-rearing community.

When not writing, Donna enjoys the outdoors with her large extended family, which includes 15 children. She is looking forward to exploring while traveling to new locations in the US and abroad with her husband. You can find Donna at

Donna Reese
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