Holly DiBella-McCarthy, MEd

Holly DiBella-McCarthy’s 30+ years in education began in preschool teaching children with special education needs. Continuing as an elementary teacher inspired Holly to make learning fun while teaching pre-reading skills to students who benefited from repetition and a boost of confidence. As Director of Special Education, Holly made a difference for kids by supporting teachers, therapists, and parents. Teaching university students completed her Pre-K through college teaching career. A writer of non-fiction journal articles and books and now a successful Children’s Picture Book author, Holly hopes her books continue to teach school success skills.

Holly DiBella-McCarthy
A little girl washing a window.


How to Make a Chore List Your Child Will Love

The right kind of chore chart holds the potential to transform kids’ pessimistic attitudes about chores into an optimistic mindset!

A little girl reading a book near a window.

Braille and Literacy, Education

11 Word Games to Help Kids With Dyslexia Recognize Sight Words

Children with dyslexia have difficulty remembering words that don't follow conventional rules, such as high-frequency sight words.