Kristie Smith, MEd, TVI

Kristie Smith is a teacher, author and trainer. She is passionate about teaching parents, professionals and others how to work children with disabilities and visual impairments. Kristie is also a part-time consultant for American Printing House for the Blind.

Blind girl reading in braille

Braille and Literacy, Visual Impairment

3 Tips for Teaching Young Children with a Visual Impairment How to Become Strong Readers

Here are 3 tips to get your child off to a great start with their braille reading skills. Learn how you can help them become strong readers!

Ivan and dad at the lake

Math and Science, Visual Impairment

7 Science & Nature Activities for Young Children who are Blind

Touching leaves, twigs, rocks and trees is a great way to introduce the world to your blind child. Here are 7 simple ideas to get you thinking about science and...