Krystal Martinez

Krystal is a part-time writer for Scary Mommy and has a pulse on all things entertainment, pregnancy, and parenting news and lifestyle. She is a freelance writer for various parenting and lifestyle brands and is the Founder of her own parenting blog, The Unconventional Mom. Krystal has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from UMass Lowell and has been a closet novelist since 2013.


As a first-time mama, and long-time alchemist, she uses her voice as a catalyst to help parents and families live and sustain a more conscious lifestyle.


If you’d like to hire or work with Krystal, contact her at

Krystal Martinez
Baby boy sleeping while holding a pacifier.


How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Without a Pacifier

Pacifiers can be lifesavers for many parents with fussy babies, but the time will come when it’s time to start the pacifier weaning process.