Tommy Edison on YouTube

Tommy Edison on YouTube

Have you heard of this guy?

Tommy Edison is a YouTube sensation! If you haven’t checked him out you’re definitely missing out! I can easily spend an hour watching his videos on YouTube about what it’s like being blind.

The thing about Tommy is that he’s just so… himself. He’s not putting on an act and he’s certainly not asking for pity. He’s just telling you what it’s like to be him.

Oh, and he’s hilarious!

Most of his videos are really funny, like The Perks of Being Blind. He says, “People always say it must suck to be blind, but you know there are plenty of good things about being blind!” What’s one of his perks? His electric bill is lower than yours because he doesn’t have the lights on all day!

I love the video where he smells scented markers and guesses their colors and he’s also got some great Tips from Blind People.

Tommy smashes stereotypes and throws out misconceptions about blind people. He’s also a great role model for young blind kids and their parents.

And beyond his funny videos, he’s also got some good practical ones. I mean, they’re still funny, but he also explains things like how blind people cross the street or how blind people use the ATM. Anyone thinking O&M here?

He’s definitely worth a watch… and if you have a YouTube account you should subscribe to Tommy’s channel!

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