My 2 yr old has become an escape artist, any info on cribs with high railings? I don't want to use a crib tent. Thanks!

My daughter is climbing out of her crib, I've searched for other options but have come up empty. Just wondering if anyone out there has suggestions or knows of other options. Like I said I really don't want to use a crib tent and she is too young for a toddler bed. Thanks-Berenice

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Posted by Amber Bobnar on Jul 14, 2011 - 9:34am

My son uses a Sleep Safe Bed and it's been an amazing life changer for us! We are so happy with it - it's comfortable and totally safe for him. We sleep easy at night now knowing he can't hurt himself or get out of his bed:

And here's a picture of Ivan in his bed with his kitty:


The Sleep Safe Bed is really expensive, but we got it paid for through our insurance. It's a standard twin mattress so it will last a really long time.

I know other parents who have just created a sort of designated sleep area. One mom I know had a large walk-in closet that was just big enough for a twin mattress, so they put a mattress on the floor in there and a couple baby gates at the door, and that became their son's bed - totally closed off and safe. Other parents will strip their kid's room so that all there is in the room is a mattress on the floor and maybe some soft toys or bean bag chairs, so that if their kid roams around at night they are still safe. Those are good options if this is something that will be temporary and once she grows out of the climbing and wondering you can go back to a normal toddler bed. The Sleep Safe Bed is a better solution if you're looking for something long term.

Posted by carvalhoadamian on Jul 14, 2011 - 5:18pm

Hello Berenice,

As an interim solution (our interim extended to 1 and 1/2 years :)) we constructed an extra high 3-sided rail out of white pvc pipes. It was affixed to the crib rails and bars with plastic zip ties. We did this as a way to be able to still pass along the crib without the permanent modification, and because it was our hope that a traditional twin bed would really work out. We affixed the pipe assembly only on three sides of the crib, as the back was against a wall. Eleanor had previously jumped out of the crib, but was very successfully kept safe by the new higher rails. I like the idea of transitioning the child to a futon or mattress on the floor, and would suggest this if you think it would be a possibility for your child. It makes travel and visiting much easier, it is a less expensive and better long term solution for lots of kids. If you think a bed with high rails as a longer term solution, is in order, I , too, vote for the Sleepsafer bed. We have one. As Amber noted, it is comfortable, easy to use, safe and best acquired through insurance. Good LucK!

Posted by brenda on Oct 19, 2011 - 10:46am

I made a big deal out of Kam going into her big bed and she loves it,she is still in our room because of her not sleeping through the night,I have a big house and she goes everywere.