The Learning Blanket: Tactile Activity Blankets for Visually Impaired Kids

a prototype of the learning blanket with six panels

The Learning Blanket is an interactive educational blanket for children. The blanket incorporates six detachable panels that contain visual, sensory, tactile, and educational activities for a child to learn. Your kids will love it!

It reminds us of the popular quiet books but much more inviting! Each panel has a puzzle or game to complete. For instance, one panel has a caterpillar with string legs that you can practice tying. Another panel has tactile shapes to play a matching game. It would be a lot of fun for kids with visual impairments to practice fine motor and independence skills.

The Learning Blanket Facebook page doesn't yet say when the blankets will be available or if more panels will be options. Hopefully, they'll update us soon because it is such a great idea!