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There’s no two ways about it: We’re music buffs.

Our three-year-old son LOVES music and we’ve gathered quite the collection of children’s CD’s that would rival any music store.

We also live in a great city full of new up-and-coming children’s performers perfecting their art in free shows at the library and professional shows at local theatres.

We head out to a kid’s concert pretty much every weekend to listen to and meet these new artists in person. We check out their CD’s and feel that we’ve collected only the best of the best.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite kid’s CD’s here, some of which you may never have even heard of! Yes the Wiggles and Raffi are both an important part of our collection, but the new and the eclectic artists are probably our favorites!

Justin Roberts: Meltdown!

Reminiscent of R.E.M., Justin Roberts appeals to adult ears, but also provides very fun music for kids as well.

His sound is both intricate and catchy and his lyrics are hilarious. This CD is great for family trips in the car because there’s something for everyone.

Our favorite songs on this CD are the title song, Meltdown, and My Brother Did It. I chalk is another great one.

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image to the left. If you like these songs, you may also want to check out our other favorite Justin Roberts CD, Pop Fly!


Steve Songs: Marvelous Day

Probably the best word to describe Steve Songs is goofy. You’ll hear lots of silly jokes and funny songs on this CD and it’ll crack your kids up—and you too, actually!

Steve has a great voice and his band is really full of energy. If you ever get a chance to see Steve Songs live, don’t miss it! These guys are great in person.

Our favorite song on this CD is probably Fast Monkey, it’s just so silly. We also love Opposite Day and once you hear Elephant Hide and Seek you’ll never get it out of your head, so be careful!

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image above. If you like these songs, you may also want to check out our other favorite Steve Songs CD, Little Superman, which includes the best Harry Potter song you’ll ever hear, No Good Toys.


Vanessa Trien: Hot Air Balloon

Vanessa Trien is so full of energy she’ll get you up and dancing from the moment you start this CD. She’s very sweet too and her songs are a lot of fun.

We’ve seen Vanessa live quite a few times and she is great at waking kids up and getting them out of their seats. She can get a crowd excited and involved instantly and hold their attention for over an hour, which is really saying something when your audience is composed primarily of toddlers!

Our favorite song on this CD is Hello World, which is just a nice energizing way to start the day. Good Morning! is another fun song, and see if you can sing along with the Backward Alphabet Craze, it’s harder than it sounds!

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image above. Vanessa’s new CD is titled Carnival Day, keep your eyes out for it!


Debbie and Friends: Story Songs and Sing Alongs

We first met Debbie at our local library when she came to put on a free show. We quickly fell in love with her fun lyrics and songs based on familiar stories and nursery rhymes. We would travel to neighboring towns to see her in other libraries too!

Now Debbie is playing bigger venues in theatres and we still love to see her band and sing along with her fun songs. We’re true fans!

Our favorite song on this CD is Three Pigs and a Wolf, which is based on the story of the Three Little Pigs. It’s quite catchy! We also love Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood. These are great takes on the old stories we all know!

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image above. Debbie doesn’t have any other CD’s out yet, but we’ll let you know when she does!


Maria Sangiolo: Fairy Moon

Do you know someone who loves fairies? This CD is for them!

Maria Sangiolo has a beautiful voice accompanied by classic fairy sounds like flutes, fiddles, and harps. You’ll feel like fairies are hiding in the shrubs nearby to listen along with you!

Our favorite song on this CD is definitely The Rattlin’ Bog. This song gets our son squealing with delight! We also love Fairy Ring and A Fairy Went-A-Marketing

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image above. Maria also has a lovely CD about ocean creatures and the environment titled Under the Mystic Sea.


Ben Rudnick: Grace’s Bell

Ben Rudnick has a very full band playing everything from guitar and banjo to bass and mandolin.

Their sound is very rich and exciting and they are great at taking traditional folk songs and turning them into fun songs for the entire family.

Our favorite song on this CD is Mama Don’t ‘low, a traditional bluegrass song that allows everyone in the band to display their talent and instrument. We also love Tuba Tune, which as you can guess does involve a tuba, and Hava Nagila, which always gets our son so excited!

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image above. Ben has a ton of other CD’s if you’re interested. Try Fun and Games or Blast Off!


The Cat’s Pajamas: Goin’ Bananas

Are you looking for something with more of a rock-and-roll beat? Then you’ll want to check out The Cat’s Pajamas!

The Cat’s Pajamas are a blast producing fun, silly songs with a funky rock sound. They are really into reading and sing lots of songs about books and the library, too!

Our favorite song on this CD is Alphabet Soup, which is a great, fun way to learn your alphabet! We also love Bananas and Hugga Hugga.

You can listen to samples of these songs by clicking on the image above. If you want to listen to more songs about reading, check out Reading Rocks.

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