Kid-Friendly Halloween Songs

Halloween pumpkin

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because I’m an October baby and all my birthday parties as a kid were Halloween themed… or maybe because I love chocolate!

Either way, Halloween is turning out to be one of my son’s favorites too as he gets to dress up and visit the neighbors and ask for candy. And as with everything in our house, Halloween is also a time to sing songs!

Do you know any Halloween classics? What about Five Little Pumpkins by Raffi? Or maybe that old stand by, Monster Mash?

Did you know that there are some amazing kids musicians creating new Halloween classics that will really get you in the spirit? We’ve collected our top ten favorites (as judged by myself and Ivan) and created a spine-tingling holiday playlist fit for tots and fun for mom and dad, too!


  1. Got a Little Ghost by Caspar Babypants: This is probably the best ghost song ever! This tiny little ghost is too small to scare anybody, but he’s still adorable! You can see the video here.
  2. Them Bones by Caspar Babypants: Another Caspar song! This one is about dancing skeletons.
  3. Trick or Treat by Justin Roberts: No Halloween is complete without a good trick-or-treat song, and this one is destined to be a classic!
  4. Pumpkins, Beware by Steve Blunt: Halloween is really scary if you’re a pumpkin! Check out the cute video here.
  5. Monster Boogie by Laurie Berkner: Everyone’s favorite kids’ musician sings about how to stomp around and growl like a monster.
  6. Down in the Ground by Vanessa Trien: We love Vanessa Trien and in this song she sings about all the scary things you can find deep in the ground, but her friends tell her they aren’t really that bad.
  7. A Scary Song by Alastair Moock: Alastair’s album, These Are My Friends, features a scary song about the terrifying things hiding under your bed. Or maybe they aren’t so scary after all.
  8. Spooky Dance by Rebecca Frezza: A great rock-and-roll beat to get you in the mood!
  9. Oh, My Darlin’ Pumpkintine by David Polansky: Yep, it’s Clementine… with pumpkins!
  10. The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel by Judy Pancoast: Judy’s the best at getting kids to dance and be silly!

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